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New Season coming ….

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November 2008
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This season is over, like it or not Jimmie Johnson won the cup and Carl Edwards who made a mad dash at the end finished second.

But now comes the insanity of the new season, with driver changes and new cars and numbers, switching around you will really need a program to follow the first few races this year, it will be kind of hard the first couple races til your eyes get adjusted to the new colors.

Some of the things we have to look forward to this coming year………

Kahne gets a new team mate in the 10 car, Reed Sorensen a Georgia boy who has been with the Ganassi team the past few years, the past 3 years have seen a couple different drivers in the 10 car, Scott Riggs, he made a few really good shows but usually faded at the end, or got caught up in someone elses mess.  Last season seen Patrick Carpentier, an open wheeler who made a very good show at Montreal Busch race last year (07) got him self one pole this year and had a couple good shows but couldn’t keep his mouth shut so he was out before the silly season of driver changes got started really good. And last but not least A.J. Almindinger, who has impressed lots of people with his showings in the last few races of the 08 season, leaving people wondering if he would be able to find a ride for 09, G.E.M. has already said if they could find sponsorship for him they would be willing to run a 4th car for him.

We have the new team from RCR with Clint Boyer taking a new car number of 33, Casey Mears who spent last season following the rest of the superstars at H.M.S. will be coming to join Jeff Burton and Kevin Harvick driving for Childress.

And one of the most looked at new teams of Stewart/Haas Racing, with new part owner Tony Stewart, who will be bringing a vetran of a few seasons and last years Daytona 500 winner Ryan Newman to the new team. Fans of Stewart are praying for this to be the godsend of returning Tony to the spotlight under a Chevy banner instead of Toyota.

I know there will a few more surprises during the off season as teams lay off crew and some find new homes and some go back to what ever they were doing before they came to NASCAR.

Where will the superstars of the crews land? We will just have to wait and see…

I hope that everyones driver ones well and everyone has a safe ad happy thanksgiving….

the Dr.



  1. FLETCH says:

    I find myself wondering what the ’09 season will bring.. One thing is for sure.. I can count on the dr. to keep me looking in the right direction.
    I’m hoping Stewart and Newman come out blazing.. Just to give the big 3, HMS, Roush & RCR something to look over their shoulders about……

  2. jbcom says:

    Hey dr. You forgot the most surprising move. Well maybe not seeing Martin has been jumping teams since he left Roush.What a line up Hendrick is now sporting. Jr. is probably the weakest driver of the bunch.(no doubt he is) Mark may have a shot at a title if he can just learn to take a few risks.

  3. Red Zone says:

    Martin’s crew chief will take the risk and Martin may be along for the ride with the decisions. It will be interesting to see how it works out.

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