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Christmas list from top of the Box…..

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November 2008
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If you were sitting on the top of the box for a Cup team, what would you want for Christmas this year?? how about a driver full of fire? or maybe a over the wall crew that never made mistakes? or a free pass thru inspection each week?? they all seem like really good idea’s but I think the one that I would want the most is the ability to make the right choices at the right times.

I want to wish all my readers ( all 4 of them ) a very happy holiday season and happiness and prosperity for the coming year, may your pit stops be fast and penalty free.

I would like some input on what subjest you would like to see me address, what can I do to help you understand auto racing a little better? feel free to add comments and remarks,and let me know what I can do to help you .

Merry Christmas!!

The Dr.



  1. Red Zone says:

    How big a deal is it to race on dirt prior to racing in Nascar’s top 3 circuits? It seems like with the new car, it is looser than the old version and having that dirt racin’ kind of mentality may help with handling the modern day stock car.

  2. SLY 1 says:

    Dr I don’t think you need any idea’s about anything
    to do with racing,,your blogs are informative and
    are well written..I do like reading them and the
    rest of our group should do so also. GOOD STUFF

  3. Scott says:

    Hey Doc,

    As you know a couple of years ago, they changed all of the rules and decided to go to a top ten shoot out for the cup. How has that changed the field in regards to competition? I mean, if you aren’t in the top ten, do you really compete as you used to during the real season? I dunno, but I sort of wish they would bring back the old way of doing it, even the little guys still had a chance (1 in a million) but it was still a chance of getting recognized. What is your take on this? By the way, I think your blog is great.


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