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Changes…… good or bad?

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December 2008
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Rodney Childers will leave Gillett Evernham Motorsports, where he was crew chief for Elliott Sadler, to become David Reutimann’s crew chief at Michael Waltrip Racing and hearing that Todd Parrott is leaving Yates to join Sadler at Gillett Evernham Motorsports, so it this a good move?

Lets look at it from another view, for Sadler it will be good  simply because he is getting a guy he has worked with before and knows they work good together. So this will be a real positive, and it should help with Sadlers confidence.

On the other hand, Rodney Childers going to MWR to crew for David Reutimann, may not be such a good deal.  Childers will replace Ryan Pemberton on top of the box for the 00 next year, Reutimann was having a real good comeback at the end of the season this past year, and he needs stability to keep that going, Childers has always been more of a behind the scenes type of guy, and I think he had done all he was going to do at G.E.M. , so the move is good for him, but for the #00 car next season they are going to need a crew chief who will take the gamble and stick his neck out making calls to put the #00 in victory lane, is Childers the man for the job? that remains to be seen.

Based on what I have seen from all involved, the 19 car will be a contender this coming season, and the #00 will be in the top 10 if Childers sticks his neck out a little bit, but if he does like he did on his last job, the the #00 will be an also ran…..

Good luck to both teams and I hope for Elliot Sadler that he is reunited with Parrott. And to David Ruetimann I really hope Rodney Childers comes out of his shell….. if he does the #00 will be up front.

the dr.


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