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Drug Test in NASCAR?

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December 2008
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NASCAR has announced that this coming year they will be testing 12-15 crew members randomly at each race,  while this is a good thing is it the right thing?

NASCAR  recently has had its share of drug issues with Arron Fike and his girlfriend getting busted for having heroin, but he is not exactly a household name. NASCAR needs to address the issue with the drivers too. this new memo from NASCAR only addresses the crews, the ones who work on the cars, now I agree with this completely and I think it is long over due, but from the looks of the list they say they will be testing for they are testing for olympic athletes not race crews.

Rusty Wallace and Kevin Harvick have both spoken out on this  and it needs a closer look. These drivers need to be checked each and every time they get in a car, why have each driver “pee in a bottle” when they arrive at the track and by race time they can have a results? No way ….. NASCAR will not inpune these drivers like that, they will infringe on the cash cow that NASCAR has going…..

Brian France needs to step up and let the chips land where they may. Drug test everyone in NASCAR from the top breass all the way down to the drivers, if they are fgoing to do it….. then do it. Don’t half step, test them all officials, drivers ,flagmen, NASCAR president, everybody!

Taking this way out NASCAR can stand back and say “well that one must of slipped thru the cracks”, that isn’t going to get it. Test them all.  Or don’t test any of them.

We may see some good raing this year who knows.

the Dr.


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  1. Scott says:

    Drug Testing… The answer to all problems? I think not. Here is my take on the whole drug testing debacle. Drug testing as we know it today happened after the tragedy on the USS Iowa explosion. It was determined that many of the seamen that were killed in that explosion were either high at the time, under the influence of Marijuana, THC in particular or had used the substance in the past 30 days.

    This tragedy set off a slew of calls for drug testing on a regular basis in not only the military but in more mundane jobs such as stores like WalMart. Did we all agree with this move by the mainstream employers? I would say No. I was raised during the time of excess recreational use of marijuana. There wasn’t a party that you could go to that a joint wasn’t passed around. It was fairly common and the cops pretty much looked the other way.

    Now… fast forward 30 years, everywhere you go to get a job, you have to pee in a bottle unless you work for yourself. Why should any organization not have to abide by the same rules that everyone else has to conform to?

    Nascar or Nextel or racing in particular should have to comply with Mainstream America. Fact, if you are under the influence of drugs whether prescription or illegal, your judgement is impaired. Now put racing into the equation… going close to 200 miles an hour with a hangover or a buzz of any kind is not acceptable. I agree wholeheartedly that every driver before they are allowed to get behind the wheel should be tested before each and every race. Safety is the main concern now, not politics. Should the crews have to be tested as well? Yes, and I think that management of every team should be tested as well. Unless you have a prescription you should have to go through the process

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