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For your Racing fix….

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December 2008
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As NASCAR’s season is still a month away there are still ways to get your racing fix. For example Jan 24,2009  at Boyd’s Speedway in East Ridge Tn. there is a $5000.00 to win dirt late model race coming, I see a full house coming for this one. Boyd’s has undergone a transition to new ownership in the past year and the Harvey Brothers with promoter Gar Dickson have made Boyd’s one of the souths premier race tracks. Untold money has been spent and no cost has been spared, with upgrades in all areas the race track is ready for some super fast racing. There is new clay, walls for the first time at
Boyd’s in years, making it very fan friendly, a scale house that has a large display that the fans can see! Thus making the fans even more involved.

First opened in as a clay oval in 1952 by its namesake, E.A. Boyd.

Operated as a paved track from 1962 through 1976, with several NASCAR legends such as the Allison’s and the Petty’s making laps and scoring victories here.

Converted back to dirt track in 1977.

Through the years Boyd’s has seen several owners and promoters, including the founders son Butch Boyd.
Boyd’s has also had it’s name changed many times: (Chattanooga International Raceway, Chattanooga Raceway Park, Tennessee-Georgia Speedway, Stateline Speedway, Tennessee Georgia Raceway), but it seems the original name was favored by the racers and fans no matter what official name it wore at the time. That’s why when the track was purchased in 2006 by George Shaw and Russ Ruskin the Boyd’s name was again used, and the Harvey’s have chosen to go with the sentimental favorite for the same reason.

If your a little far away to attend Boyds then find you a dirt track close by and give it a try, although I would strongly suggest making the trip to Boyd’s it is fastly becoming the premier track in the N.W.Ga. area, lots of motels in the area and other attractions to fill the day and then polish it off with a race in the evening, oh and don’t worry about eating before you get to the track, Boyd’s has some of the best race track fare I have ever eaten, and very reasonably priced. so come on out to Boyd’s Speedway.

If you decide to join us let me know and I can give you a guided tour!!!!

the Dr.



  1. SLY 1 says:

    Dr sometimes you amaze me with your writings,
    A fix for the off season is just what we need.
    Thank you for the above artical very informative,
    I for 1 enjoy your stuff – you are the guru of the

  2. jbcom says:

    Dirt tracks are the best. We have a clay track over in Sycamore Illinois. Some of the best racing you can watch. Growing up we went to Rockford Speedway. Watched the road runners. Lots of banging and at the end of the night they had figure 8. ooohs and aaaaaahhhhs it was termed.Good stuff but we started going to that clay track and never looked back.Took me some years to really get into Nascar because their wasn’t as much action.I NEEDED CRASHES. Then I grew up and learned to appreciate real racing.

  3. drflavio309 says:

    Sly and John thanks for your comments.. they mean alot..
    the dr.

  4. FLETCH says:

    dr, my man, I may just be in your neck of the woods during that very time!!! I just got wind of a mission that I need to get to Mississippi for and should be, hopefully, coming back up during that day.. I will let you know…
    Would love to get a tour and hang out at the track with ya!!

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