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January 2009
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Here it is 2009!!!! But as we start the new year with high hopes and dreams, just for a few minutes let us look backwards in time for a bit. Not just at 2008, but beyond that let’s look at racing over the years…………
When you mention racing people of all ages and all walks of life each have some memory of a race somewhere, on some forgotten track . Mine was about 1964 or 65 at a little track called “Boyd’s speedway” in East Ridge Tn. My father took me to see “racin!” Yeah back then it was down and dirty racin, good ole boys with junkyard jalopies out on a Friday or Saturday night at the local short track, dreaming all the time of going “big time”. Of getting to race with the hero’s of the time, names like Allison, Turner, Flock,Pearson,Weatherly, and yeah Petty. These guys raced everywhere and anywhere they could get to. They raced because they loved it, they loved the thrill of the drop of the green flag, much like the local hero’s who all had the dream, just not the change, and each of them raced for the same reasons the big guys did…… to WIN!!!
My local hero’s were name like Jody Ridley, Leon Brindle, Rosco Smith,Doug Kilgore, Stan Massey, Rex Ritchie, lot’s of names that mean little to anyone somewhere else, but to me they were “the Men”!.Some these men have had son’s who followed in the steps of their fathers, like Chip Brindle, Clint Smith, each of these guys have had some of the best teachers in the world.
But still lot’s of names have fallen by the wayside stuck in little local tracks where they were the big fish in a small pond. Longing to get out and just get a shot, just one shot in a good car, yep they would show them big boys how to drive! This was the dream of every local driver to ever hold a wheel.
Fast forward to today, local drivers still have the same dream, the big boys still make local appearances, but they are miles apart in todays hustle and bustle world of racing, but when you find your self in need for a speed fix…. do what the dr does… find you a local race track and go watch a dirt race, the driver you cheer for on Friday or Saturday night may be the very driver you watch on T.V. On Sunday…all of them chasing that checkered flag……

the Dr.

This story is dedicated to Two of my best bud’s they inspire me often, more than either will ever know, so Sly 1 and JK this is for you guys.

thanks you 2!!



  1. FLETCH says:

    I can’t think of any two men who are more inspiring myself. Well, sometimes Wahooo inspires me but… we won’t go there..LOL
    I’d love to see SLY and JK in a dirt race…now, that’s something I’d pay extra to see!!!

  2. SLY 1 says:

    Awwww Dr you the man,thanks for the dedication ,I do
    remember Ridley from the dirt tracks Smith came to
    Fonda Raceway (I’m not sure of the date)But I remember
    Him and Richie Evans (61) going at it tooth and nail,
    Evens did win,,good story Dr..
    Thanks The SLY 1

  3. jbcom says:

    Rockford Speedway and Sycamore have that same small track appeal. Took our scout troop to Rockford this summer and low and behold…some of the same names running around the track as 30 plus years ago when I was a kid. Great tradition when fathers pass on knowledge,history and a true love for an awesome sport. Great blog dr. 1964-65 whewie I was just a baby back then.Visions of model Ts running around the track.It sure is great when you are middle aged(I’m gettin old) and you are a youngster in the group….lol…Being close to Wisconsin and Rockford being a descent track we see a few big names in the making pass through. Big write up this past summer about Kennseth’s kid coming to Rockford to race. Keep up the good work dr.

  4. Jack says:

    dr. Thank you, that was very nice. The lure of that checkered flag is a wonderful thing. Racing has kept a lot of kids out of trouble, you don’t usually go looking for trouble when you have grease up to your elbows. The memories of all the little tracks and the guys who never made it to the big time remain forever as do the ones of guys who made it big time. I have always felt that there is a special bond between race fans that is found no where else. You did an awesome job on this blog , brings many memories back into focus. Thank You

  5. SLY 1 says:

    JK ,,You made my eyes water,,^5

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