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the more I learn about NASCAR the better I like dirt…

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January 2009
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I have been sitting here watching the drama of NASCAR unfold and watch the drivers switch teams sue and wonder where they are going next year, I decided something .

The more I learn about NASCAR the better I like dirt, seriously, the way things are going in the top of the racing ladder, the better I can deal with tire wars, and accusitions of cheating , hum sounds  vaguely familiar dont it???? I mean really isn’t this where nascar was just a few years ago? yeah but don’t worry I am not going there ….. not going to compare NASCAR and dirt racing, because there is none….. not any more.

NASCAR has tried to find the golden goose, and failed terribly, but dirt racing on the other hand, has struggled and survived, and are thriving. Dirt racing has guys and girls too, chomping at the bit, to get out on the track anywhere, just to race, while the big boys are sitting there whining about money for this and money for that. The dirt racing guys are ready to almost race for free just to get out there, now come mid season they are going to bitch an groan about how the economy has screwed then but right now they are ready to race!!!!!!!

I know one thing, I wil be attending more dirt races this year than I will NASCAR races, unless NASCAR sends me press passes and expense money……..

Besides give me the guys who race for fun! the ones who would hock the family car just to go racing, those are the drivers who put on a show, the ones who give the fans the real show every Friday and Saturday night at a local track near you .

See you there…

the dr.


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  1. jbcom says:

    Sure is sad the direction Nascar is heading.I am sure you can find a few drivers that would drive for free but it is a sad testimony to pro athletes.That is why some fans gravitate towards the guys that do it for the right reasons.Greed has a negative effect on everything these days.Greed ruins all that is good and pure. The new kid that comes into it with a true love and then the business end of the game changes the man.The unfortunate ugly side of pro sports….dr….you will have more fun at your local dirt track watchin the guy racing for the love and thrill of it.Great blog again.

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