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Will change help Sadler?

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January 2009
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Kevin Buskirk. ,Kevin Buskirk. , say it over and over, it is going to be a name that might just surprise a few people. It was just announced that G.E.M. Has brought Kevin Buskirk on board to put him with driver Elliott Sadler with whom he has worked before, that is the key here, “he has worked with him before”.

Working with a driver for a while you get to know things, things about what he means when he says”it’s just a wee bit tight”. You learn just how much “wee” is. This is not something you can sit down and talk about, it is something that you learn over time and that’s why the combinations of drivers and crew chiefs has become such an important subject. Look at the drivers of the past, like Richard Petty, and his long time relationship with Dale Inman. These two were together forever, they grew up together and are cousins. Look at Bill Elliott and his brother Ernie and how long they were together. It is a magic that is hard to predict and sometimes it just don’t work, other times it is magic from the word go.

Working with drivers is often challenging due to the fact that the driver is the source of input as to how the car is handling and what the crew chief needs to do to improve it. When driver “A” says the car is “not rolling thru” the corner just right he means one thing, but it could be totally different than what driver”B” means. The secret is to learn the difference and to know exactly what your driver means.

Hopefully with all the changes that have been made at G.E.M. This one will pay dividends.

The Dr.


1 Comment

  1. SLY 1 says:

    I hope for the best for Sadler,he is a
    southern gentleman,and needs to stick to
    it this year,or stick it to GEM

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