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Crew chief changes….

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January 2009
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Have you seen the list of crew chief changes in the Cup series??? My,my,my… 20 teams have changed crew chiefs and team personnel ! 20 teams, how do you keep track of all that? Drivers are going to think they are on the wrong radio channel, crew chiefs are going to be watching the wrong car coming down pit road, this could really get interesting. Never have I seen such a rash of changes in my 30 years of being around racing. The first few test should really help work out the bugs but there will be glitches you can bet, now will these changes help anyone more than other? Who knows we will simply have to wait and see.

And can you believe that Brad Parrott, &Doug Richert are looking for work? These are 2 of NASCAR’s veterans and they haven’t found a place to land? Some of these teams could really benefit from these two guys I feel sure that come the start of Daytona they will be on the top of someone’s box.

I have found this list of current changes, but who says this wont change? This is just for the regular teams this don’t include the teams who are only running a partial schedule, and teams that haven’t as yet got all their ducks in a row. I hope the best for each and every team as we head into this season.

#00 [was #44] — Ryan Pemberton left to crew chief Brian Vickers for 2009, Rodney Childers comes from GEM to take over
#7 — made numerous crew chief changes in 2008, have heard nothing official, but heard that Kirk Almquist, who came to the team in late 2008, will be back
#8 — Supposedly Doug Randolph, formerly of DEI’s #15 team will be the new crew chief, replacing Gibson who left for Stewart-Haas’ #39
#10 — Crew chief Mike Shiplett moves to the #43, with Sammy Johns crew chiefing Allmendinger in the car
#14 [was #70] — Darian Grubbs comes over from Hendrick were he was an engineer, but has crew chiefed before with Jimmie Johnson, garnering two wins
#17 — Chip Bolin goes back to the engineering side at Roush, Nationwide crew chief, Drew Blickensderfer takes over in 2009
#19 — Kevin Buskirk comes over from DEI, former crew chief, Rodney Childers left to go to MWR’s #00 team
#22 — TBA, as former crew chief Tommy Baldwin left and started his own team
#26 — Donnie Wingo, leaves Gannasi to take the crew chief gig for McMurray, Wingo had been a longtime crew chief at Ganassi’s
#33 — Shane Wilson will crew chief Bowyer RCR’s new team
#36/TBR — Tommy Baldwin will act as crew chief of his own team.
#38 — TBA, Cully Barraclough left at seasons end is is back as the car chief on a NNS ride for Roush, no word who Gilliland’s crew chief will be.
#39 — Tony Gibson comes over from DEI, Bootie Barker heads to MWR
#41 — Donnie Wingo left to crew chief McMurray in the #26. #41 has no driver named, nor a crew chief
#43 — Jeff Meendering left and went to Stewart-Haas racing as a car chief, with the team merging with GEM, Mike Shiplett moves over from the #10.
#47 — Frank Kerr will be the crew chief for Ambrose
#55 — Bootie Barker comes over from Haas CNC
#83 — Ryan Pemberton comes over form MWR to crew chief Vickers, former crew chief, Ricky Viers supposedly will take a management role with the team.
#96 — no word on if Steve Moyer returns as the team teams up with Yates and switches to Ford
#98 — Larry Carter comes over from Roush/McMurray to take over for Paul Menard and this new team.
Some crew chiefs looking for work include: Walter Giles, James Ince, Brad Parrott, Doug Richert, Buddy Sisco, Rick Viers
No Changes [so far] for the following teams: #’s 07,1,2,5,6,9,11,12,18,20,21,24,25,29,42,48,82,88,99.

The Dr.



  1. Ken says:

    Glad to see Bootie Parker with a job. He’s overcome a lot.

    I hate Silly Season and this time of the year. I can’t keep up with all the moves, so I usually give up until February.

  2. Jack says:

    You can’t tell the players without a program.
    Wingo hooks up with McMurray. That has to be good.
    McMurray was getting in the zone at the end of last year.

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