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Insurance for Dirt drivers…..

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January 2009
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Wednesday”,Bare foot” Bob McCreadie’s son Tim McCreadie was hurt during a heat race for the upcoming the Chili Bowl in Tulsa, OK.  McCreadie, 34, was leading a semifinal when something broke in his car’s rear end. The car flipped,and went over a fence. McCreadie won the 2006 World of Outlaws late model series championship.

This bring to the forefront a very blaring problem with racing, health insurance for drivers.

Tim has none as do lots of driver, some feel it will never happen to them., while others simply can’t afford it.

Some of these organizations that sanction these events always want a signed release form before anyone is allowed to race, protecting them from the law suits that would surely follow,if for nothing else but to help with medical expenses. The smart thing to do would be to come up with a insurance carrier who would be willing to cover these drivers at an affordable rate, the drivers in NASCAR have various ways to cover these expenses whether it is a personal policy or a policy carried by the team they drive for, but the drivers we all love to watch on Friday and Saturday nights don’t have these recourses available to them.

This is an area that needs attention in a bad way, how? I don’t know But it should be looked into soon We can’t afford to have dirt racing get a black eye over a thing like this.

It is not know yet how long Tim will be out or just how serious his injuries are but the bills still pile up and someone has to pay them, I would really like the sanctioning bodies look in to protecting the drivers who put the seats in the seats, and pay these bodies the money they make it is to bad that it may take a thing like this to wake up some people that these drivers really are human.

..For now, donations can be made to the U.S. Auto Club and sent to :


c/o Tim McCreadie Support Fund,

USAC, 4910 West 16th Street,

Speedway, Ind. 46224.

Please give if you can if not please keep Tim in your prayers.

the Dr.


  1. SLY 1 says:

    Dr your thoughts are from the heart,and I know
    where your coming from,,this is a needed thing in
    racing = BUT = as you know insurance that would
    cover race car drivers would be thru the roof $$$ wise
    Any carrier would triple the cost of a policy right
    from the start,NOW if a company ‘could’come up with
    a suitable cost policy that would be outatanding
    but as you and I know ((it ain’t gonna happen))
    right now anyway……thanks Dr.

  2. Jack says:

    SLY has nailed this one. It’s a big problem and there is no easy solution. Back in the early 60’s I was involved in promoting motorcycle Scrambles. We had to buy the insurance to protect the driver and the land owner who allowed us to use his property. We covered this expense with a sign up fee for riders and adding a little on to the admission. This would probably be impossible today as insurance is priced astronomically high. I, for one ,do not have an answer to this problem.

  3. FLETCH says:

    I used to be in the insurance business working for Western & Southern. It seem as if, right now, McCreadie would need a good health insurance plan.. As far as Life Insurance is concerned.. There are questions that must be answered when applying for a policy. They would take into consideration the risk involved when the policy is applied for.. But, the premium wouldn’t be but a mere $20 more a month over the regular policy holder.. If this matter was looked into further I’m sure it could be affordable. Affordable meaning.. Life vs Death in what type of funds you’d need to support your loved ones. Insurance companies insure people who are at far greater risks than race car drivers.

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