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And they call this a shootout?

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January 2009
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“Changes to the shootout”, when I read this I almost got excited, til I read the first line. Then it started to sink in, gone are the days of real competition where drivers show up and really race, if this keeps up like it is going now we are going to see the shootout become a group singing with all drivers in the series showing up to cross the line arm in arm singing “kum-bi-ya”.

Look at what FRANCECAR has done since Brian France took over,

Top 35 rule, this is for the sponsors so the top 35 teams don’t get sent home for not being fast enough to make the field…… put it back to if you can’t go fast you go home!

C.O.T. FRANCECAR says this is to even out the field and make the drivers safer,…. ok I am all for safer car, but do you have to make them all the same, like the IROC cars of old? The C.O.T. Cars suck!!!

The last bastion of real racing was the Bud shootout, where drivers who won a race or sat on a pole during the previous season got to go at it for a big chunk of change…. now it has turned into more of that “make all cars equal” crap.

I really hate to say it I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt but now he has shot himself in the foot. Brian France needs to go away, don’t care where he goes but he needs to leave and let the drivers get back to real racing. Brian France has taken a good sport and killed it with rules and changes that only serve to line his pockets.

Like I have said be fore…..The more I learn about NASCAR the better I like dirt….

the dr.



  1. SLY 1 says:

    Dr I agree,this SOB has turned a Great Sport into = how much can I get out of it = COT does suck -France and his cronies suck = they have ruined everything about the sport..yeah Dr dirt is looking better for you indeed.Well written my friend.

  2. jbcom says:

    I had the misfortune of seeing my 1st live Nascar race at Bristol.(should have been awesome)It was the 1st cot race.It made one of the most exciting tracks and race….boring…….

  3. drflavio309 says:

    jbcom… you should of seen it when they filled it full of dirt and run dirt cars there, sammy swindell broke Steve parks track record with a sprint car, cup car was like 124mph, swindell went 140mph with a sprint car~!!!!!
    the dr.

  4. FLETCH says:

    It seems as if FranceCar wants to garner the Television audience more than anything.. I don’t know if he’s getting a kickback from the manufacturers for the change but the latest change definitely benefits Tony Stewart.. That just states the fact that he wants big names in the seats to bring big ratings on T.V…. Always thinking statistics is going to murder NASCAR.

  5. jbcom says:

    I shouldn’t say the race was boring because it was still a great time,as any live race would be. It was disappointing compared to what past Bristol races had been. Single file racing at Bristol with no contact changed that race. As drivers got more comfortable with the cot and Bristol added a groove it improved.Great venue and crowd though.

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