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Dreams I will never see…..

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January 2009
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One night I had a dream, I dreamed that I was a quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons, I show up for camp and my coach for quarterbacks is none other than the great Fran Tarkington!!! he showed me how to scramble, how to throw the long ball, all the little things that quarterback needs to know, oh I was in heaven!!!! Just as I was getting ready for my first big game……………… I woke up.

That is how Reed Sorensen must feel, the young man from Ga. Who started out racing legends cars and watching Richard Petty win races on the Cup level, now has Richard Petty as a car owner. You see Reed is now driving the famed NASCAR legendary number “43” for Richard Petty Motorsports.

After a few seasons driving in the shadows, at Ganassi this year he moves to the team formerly known as G.E.M.. Now known as Richard Petty Motorsports. Now he has “the King” watching him at test, “the King” is there to offer tips and advice. How would you like to have Richard Petty watching your every move? I would almost kill for that chance, to have the Icon of the sport you love watching and teaching you . And to be driving “HIS” number …. well it has to be like a dream come true. Reed has really stepped up to the plate with this and he is thrilled to have “the King” watching, “It’s a little different testing when the King is there watching you,” Sorenson said. “ I should say so.

“I guess the pressure is to get [the No. 43 car] back in Victory Lane,” Sorenson said. “I think that’s going to be the biggest pressure point on that. Once everybody on our team found out that we were going to be the 43, you could kind of tell in their eyes that it was something different than most of the other numbers that we could have had.” With Daytona coming in just a few days I see this Kid from Ga. Making a big impact with this team, I think this will be his chance to shine, to strut his stuff, all under the watchful eye of Richard Petty. With teammates Kasey Kahne, Elliott Sadler and A.J. Almendinger this is going to be a good year.

The dr.



  1. Jack says:

    Sounds like the dr. is going to have an exciting season.
    It would be an awesome sight to see the 43 in the Winners circle.

  2. Red Zone says:

    I hate that it didn’t work out for Bobby Labonte and RPM but understand the dynamics of how it came to be. The ball is firmly in Sorenson’s hands and hopefully for him and the team, he can bring the 43 team further up the standings. No matter who is your favorite driver, everyone will stand up and cheer if he can get the 43 to the line first when the checkers fall.

  3. geeener says:

    The pen is Mightier than the sword!

    the “intellectual redneck” can i call you that???

  4. geeener says:


  5. drflavio309 says:

    yeah you can call me anything you want!!!!! I know who you are!!!!!lmao

    an fran ain’t playing football and he aint at the race track so i dont know..
    the dr.

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