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February 2009
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The Bud Shootout was shot out……. Way to many cars that had no business in there. But that is the way they wanted it so that is how it was.

I was kind of concerned about the job the announcers done, that was pitiful, they sounded like there were in NASCARS pocket.

Qualifying was ok, I was a bit disappointed Bill Elliott didn’t get the top spot but thats ok.

James Hylton who was highlighted here a few weeks ago didn’t get to make a lap of qualifying due to carb and battery problems. This was hear breaking, but that is the way it goes.

Lots of talk in the garage area about the Wood Brothers efforts , them only running 10-12 races and putting a veteran in the seat, has drawn some harsh words, but the Woods don’t care, they have said repeatedly that they are not looking for investors, they just want to run limited races and focus on those races…….. Good for them.

I feel this season is going to be a benchmark for NASCAR and it’s teams, if they can make it thru this year they can make it thru any year.

Lots of teams running their first race, you got Tommy Baldwin, Jeremy Mayfield, Geoff Bodine, and lots of these teams plan on running the full season, there are lots of teams that are new combinations too new drivers with new teams and new crew chiefs these may provide some excitement too…….we will see…… who do you think will be the first out? I say Bodine or Mayfield.

Chevy seems to dominate the qualifying charts, but……. the Dodges and Ford raced really strong. Look for them to make a showing as they did last year.

The duals are going to be the clue as to how the cars will race on Sunday. So watch them at 2 o’clock on Thursday. I am hoping that lots of cars don’t get taken out of the 500 by bad luck in the duals I want to see the best of the best going at it on Sunday!!!!

Well that’s all for today hope you get to watch the races on Thursday and hope your drivers do good!

The dr.



  1. SLY 1 says:

    Yeah dr lots of things changed this year
    Bill will do OK I’m sure,as far as the duels
    go I think it’s going to be a crap shoot,
    with a few BIG ones,we’ll just have to wait
    and see how it turns out.
    Thanks dr for your Blog.

  2. Fletch says:

    dr., ur right, this season I think we’ll see good racing, a few surprises & a make or break 4 several teams.
    I guess I seem 2 be in the minority when it comes 2 the size of The Shootout field, I preferred more cars fighting 4 position. The duels each have 28 drivers, as well. Tmorrow’s Duels will be exciting, especially the first one.. It’s loaded 4 bear.

  3. drflavio309 says:

    fletch, the shootout is supposed to be for pole winners and race winners… that was how it was designed and how it was supposed to be… not this crapola that it has turned into this year…..

    the dr.

  4. Jack says:

    dr. I was a little disappointed that Hylton never got on the track. I was hoping he would get to hit the track.
    It wasn’t to be. I for one am glad to see the season up and running. Good blog. You seem to be enjoying writing these, I enjoy reading them.

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