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The Duals….Good show!

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February 2009
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Man that was some racin today!!!!!!! The duals proved to be a good sign of things to come it seems. With each of the 2 races giving the fans some great action and side by side racing.

The first of the duals was marred by Bill Elliott losing a transmission on the caution lap, hope he has called his brother Dan to get him a new tranny! (Dan was the 3rd Elliott brother with Bill and Ernie who made up the famous #9 Coors team.)

Scott Riggs in the new team put together by Tommy Baldwin was the feel good story of the first race and also the excellent run by Jeff Gordon who held off all comers for the win and then was greeted by his young daughter in Victory lane.

The second dual was more of the same with the real battle being toward the end of the race and at the back of the field to see who was going to make it in and the feel good for some was Jeremy Mayfield who managed to race his way in through the help of some last minute pit stops …

The thing I was most impressed with was the amount of team work I saw, lots of teammates working together the 31 of Burton and the 29 of Harvick ran good to finish 14th and 18th respectively. But the ones I was really impressed with was the RPM team mates of Almendinger, Sorensen and Sadler working to get all 3 of them in the race.

I think the race Sunday will be a good race, most of the slower cars were weeded out today and Sunday we should get some really good racing in.

The Chevy’s and Toyota’s were fast today and I know they will be fast on Sunday, but they were fast last year too. And a Dodge won the race. So we will have to wait and see, I was also surprised that there wasn’t more mistakes on pit road today by the drivers although there was a good bit of confusion. The 42 of JPM pitted in the wrong pit box, a couple drivers over shot their pits, Dale Jr. and one jack man got hit while on pit road, he was just a few seconds late leaving the wall and his own driver hit him on the way in, reports are he is ok and a full recovery is expected.

Well now we just have to wait til Sunday or watch the Nationwide series and the trucks Friday and Saturday…

CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!!

the dr.


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