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Blocking….. its gotta go!!!!

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February 2009
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This is is going to make a few people mad, but it needs to be brought up. That is blocking, years ago it was almost as bad as cheating to block someone, but now a days its starting to be considered ok. Lets look at what it does, it causes drivers to have to make evasive actions which in turn causes drivers to hit each other , which in turn gets drivers hurt.

I don’t know where it started to be acceptable but now it is starting to get out of hand. In the second of the duals it was Mark Martin who for years has been known for his clean driving style, but in the duals he made a blocking move that carried Kyle Busch up to the wall and almost into it. Friday night it was used by Busch on the last lap to almost take Rick Crawford out coming to the line.

As I have said many times here on top of the box racing is about racing, not bumping contrary to popular belief rubbin is not racing, rubbing gets drivers hurt. Yeah it happens some times and yeah it can not be avoided but that don’t make it ok.(Here comes the part that will make a few mad) Lets look back at the 500 that we lost Dale Sr., he was blocking, he was doing it to give his son and his driver Mike Waltrip a chance to break away and go for the win, (sort of a conflict of interest I think driving for one team and using that equipment to benefit a team you own) in his effort to let the 2 DEI cars to go battle for the win, he caused a massive pile up that cost a lot of teams cars and Dale Sr. his life.

But blocking has come to be acceptable, and it is going to lead to more drivers getting hurt or even killed. This is a dangerous sport, face it, these cars are 3600lbs missiles a weapon and to use them like this is not going to do anything but get someone hurt, if you can’t outrun a car then let it go, don’t make all these crazy moves to stay in front of it. F-1 has made provisions for blocking due to drivers getting hurt in the melee’s that have followed blocking incidents. NASCAR should learn from them before someone gets hurt.

I am sure that there will be a bunch of folks who can give all these excuses that “oh because NASCAR has put restrictor plates on cars you have to block” arguments well horse feathers. That don’t fly, is it ok to put drivers lives on the line just because of a rule, that is to help even out races? NO!!!! it is not.

So please NASCAR PLEASE do something about this before we loose another driver like we lost Dale Sr. Racing can be fun and exciting with out this blatant blocking crap, but someone has to step up to the plate and make a stand against it. As we sit down to watch the 2009 500 watch for yourself at some of the moves drivers are making to block and as a result of blocking and see if you really think it is a good idea.

The dr.



  1. SLY 1 says:

    In a way dr I like the way some of them do it,,,
    I know it cost Dale Sr his life,but thats the way
    it goes,,You as a dirt racer know better than anyone
    how it’s done on dirt,the same apply’s on Nascar tracks
    BUT = blocking in the right place is where it should
    be done…Just my way of thinking buddy.
    The SLY 1

  2. Jack says:

    dr; I am in your corner 100% on this issue. It has become a way of life in Nascar, and in Dale Sr.’s case a way of death. I cringe at times when stalwart Dale Sr. fans knock Gordon, Kyle Busch and Stewart for aggressive driving when he was one of the leaders in this tact. I applaud you for having the courage to put the blame where it belongs.

  3. SLY 1 says:

    Not so fast JK,,, go to and research nascar races
    form the past then let me know what you see.

    • drflavio309 says:

      Jeff Gilder who has the site racers reunion .com and has interviewed hundreds of this sports pioneers said “You make some good points! I can imagine the diffficulty in adding yet another “judgement” rule into the mix, but I’m not a fan of it either. In interviewing many of the pioneers of the sport, we have had discussions about this. The common opinion amoung those guys is that blockers would be knocked out of the way…that would put a stop to it. ”
      just thought I would pass this on……
      food for thought.
      lead follow or get the hell out of the way!!!!!
      the dr.

  4. jbcom says:

    I can see your point to an extent. Sr. was the master of rubbin..Earned him a lot of wins and the Dirtiest driver title to go with all his other titles.But that is what racing has become.With restrictor plates and all the rules it(blocking) has become part of the game. You make a valid point about risks to the drivers though! My only live race was Bristol and the biggest complaint I heard was how boring it was because they weren’t rubbin.They raced single file(old track)with very little contact because they didn’t want to mess up the splitter on the COT.It’s that fine line between keeping it safe and exciting.As they go faster it gets harder.Give me the clay or dirt short track..then you always get both. Good writing as usual dr…John

  5. FLETCH says:

    I agree that the ‘Blocking’ should stop. How NASCAR would define ‘Blocking’ is a huge grey area.. It’s just as cut and dry as passing below the yellow line.. If you do it, youre penealized. I think, ‘Blocking’ to a point is necessary to retain your position BUT if the driver behind has ANY TYPE of position beside your car, even a bumper, it ceases to be ‘Blocking’ in my book, and turns into ‘Driving too Aggressively’.. If a driver runs another driver up or down the track trying to ‘Block’ then the driver behind has definite position and should be awarded the position.
    But, NASCAR would have one heckuva time enforcing this…

  6. Red Zone says:

    Unfortunately, it will take someone getting seriously hurt or killed for Nascar to make a change.

  7. casemoney says:

    The way blocking is currently allowed, scratch that, ENCOURAGED, is sad. The commentators actually praise blocking at times – I mean full-blown “pull out in front of a guy as he’s about to pass you forcing him to slam the brakes or wreck”-type moves.

    The block-ERs have no room to complain when they get wrecked. Unfortunately they often take out many other cars in the process.

    The restrictor plates are a big part of the problem. The nature of these races is that sometimes you’re helpless to stop a pack of cars blowing past you, so these guys will throw the block to protect their spot. It’s yet another hazard born of the restrictor plates that are supposed to make these races safer (LOL)

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