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Blocking again??? The 500

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February 2009
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I really hate to beat a dead horse……BUT I got to this time. Look down a blog post or two and you will see my views on blocking in NASCAR, and I hate to say I told you so BUT….. there was a driver Brian Vickers who made a comment that really bothered me, Vickers is a young gun so to speak, he has had a couple shining moments and one not so shining moment at Talladega but we wont go there (right now), anyway he made a statement that really got to me….he said””That’s super speedway racing,” Vickers said “You watch your mirror [and] you try to keep the guy behind you, behind you. My goal is not to let him pass me. People blocked me the whole race — they’d turn left and try to keep me behind them. That’s part of super speedway racing. “ he also said “My goal was to keep Junior [Earnhardt] behind me and I went to block him,” Vickers said. “I beat him to the yellow line and then he just turned us. He hooked me in the left-rear and typically NASCAR penalizes … I think [Jason Leffler] was penalized five laps [Saturday] for doing the same thing.

“I guess they’re not going to penalize him for it. It’s kind of sad. To wreck somebody intentionally like that in front of the entire field is really kind of dangerous. That’s my biggest problem with it, but apparently he wanted a caution pretty bad.”

I hate to bust his bubble but that is NOT racing. not short track , not intermediates, not super speedways. That is NOT racing period.! And then to turn around and blame Dale Earnhardt Jr. (whom I am not a fan of by the way) that is wrong, and bad karma is a bi**h.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. had this to say when Dr Dick Berrgren asked him if it was accidental.Yeah, it was accidental,” Earnhardt shrieked. “I don’t want to wreck the field. The rain was coming, it was time to try to win the race and I was trying to get back on the lead lap. So I had to run hard. If Vickers could have just held his ground, I had a good run — I was a lapped car anyway and wasn’t battling for the lead. But he drove me down into the grass almost and I didn’t have much control of my car after that.”

I really hate to but I have to give Jr. credit for his actions and the way he answered the question. Real stand up stuff there.

On the the rest of the race, rain shortened, some wild driving the last few laps once everyone realized they were racing to the rain not the end.

Bad day for wonder kid Joey Lagano as he pulls a rookie mistake and then blames it on someone else another rookie Scott Speed but both were running hard and it was not really anyones fault other than these 2 rookies driving over their heads.

Larry Mac was quick to blame Scott Speed for the ordeal, but later changed his view .He must be on the Lagano P.R. Wagon payroll too.

H.M.S. Had a high of 13th Jeff Gordon had that one teammate jimmie johnson would up 31st. 120 points out of the lead.

Take out the blocking and the rain, it would have been a great race! …seriously though, It was a good race, it got the season started and we all got our racing fix. Now its “OK NASCAR what cha got next?” now the real season starts ….. Daytona season is over and now we can go racing, how many of the teams will go to the next race??? more on that later in the week.

The dr.



  1. FLETCH says:

    Vicker lost my respect when he tried to place blame on anyone else but himself. Jr. should have held his line, not give an inch and let Vickers wreck himself silly… SITH and I were talking and it’s the same thing Stewart did to Regan last year.. Drove him below the yellow line but Regan was the one penalized by not winning the race…
    If the ensuing car has even an inch on either rear quarter panel then that car has position on the car ahead.. If that car wants to try and block then that car should be penalized due to wreckless driving.. With all the NFL replays and overturned calls.. NASCAR needs the same thing.. If a driver tries to block another car when it legitimately has position.. then send them to the end of the longest line.. Usually, this happens at Super Speedways so make it another Track Specific Rule like the Double Yellow Line….. Vickers is a bonehead!!!!

  2. SLY 1 says:

    Well I ALSO SAID blocking goes back a loooong way
    IT IS A PART OF RACING,and it isn’t going away,Vickers
    had no right blocking E.down in the grass,when BOTH
    were a lap down (( STUPID MOVE ))my point is if you
    have to block TO WIN THE RACE go for it,,,blocking
    MID PACK or a LAP down NO WAY,,,just my way if thinking fellas
    SLY 1

  3. jbcom says:

    I kinda got dragged into the commentators opinion because they felt the block was legal and Jr. caused the wreck.(that opinion I think mirrors the rules and Nascars stance whether you agree or not.)I think the term used for years now is ” slammin the door shut”. Huge gray area. Aggressive driving by SR. ,Ernie Irvin,Gordon,Harvick,the Busch bros and Edwards(to name a few) have been criticized and praised(depending on the outcome)Either way often times is dangerous to the rest of the field but it is a dangerous sport.Vickers should not have blocked being a lap down but an argument can be made that Jr. didn’t have room to make the pass without going below the yellow line. Being a lap down they both were knuckleheads. Jr. looked like a rookie during pit stops yesterday. Driving some of the best equipment and still second rate. Driving on name and personality. When Vickers blocked (agree or not)Jr. should have got off the gas. Ultimately Jr. caused the wreck because he had room to back off and clear after the block. After I thought about it and applied your blocking article’s stance , I still couldn’t excuse Jr. as the major cause.Sorry but that was just how I saw it.

  4. jbcom says:

    I also agree with Fletch that if Jr. had taken his chances and held his line and Vickers then wrecked himself it would have been on him. That would have shown whether their was room or not.If Jr. did have room Vickers would have come down on Jr. and that would removed most doubt. Jr avoided the initial contact and then caused the contact because he wasn’t clear. Misjudgment or intentional only Jr. knows. Either way the wreck comes back to him.

  5. jbcom says:

    Same as last year but Regan didn’t wreck anyone.

  6. drflavio309 says:

    jbcom.. have you seen the video??? go to and watch the video… vickers moved down 4 lanes!!!!!! to block jr.. I cant stand jr my self but this time he got the raw end of the stick!
    the dr.

  7. jbcom says:

    Dr……..watched it twice. Aggressive block agreed but I don’t think Jr. was out of control when he came back up into Vickers. You can’t chastise Vickers for doing something so widely accepted and within Nascar rules and not wanting to split hairs I’m not to sure it was 4 lanes.Looked more like 2-3 max. Every talking head and driver(except Jr.)seems to see it differently. Like I said if they wrecked when Vickers came down or Jr. got outta shape and came back up into Vickers I would place more blame on Vickers. Is blocking a problem…yes…did blocking ultimately cause the wreck and it was unavoidable….no…that comes back to Jr..and his more and more common poor judgment.

  8. FLETCH says:

    Go watch this video.. Stewart got called to the hauler for Aggressive driving.. Vickers did the same thing to Jr. that Stewart did to Kenseth but Jr. held onto it long enough not let it cut loose in the grass…

  9. jbcom says:

    That wasn’t a block…That was a complete side swipe. Kenseth was at Stewart’s door when Stewart came down into him. Jr was blocked and then took the guy out. Stewart flat out took Kenseth out.

  10. […] Top of the Box wrote an interesting post today on Blocking again??? The 500Here’s a quick excerptHe hooked me in the left-rear and typically NASCAR penalizes … I think [Jason Leffler]…Look down a blog post or two and you will see my views on blocking in NASCAR, and I hate to say I told you so BUT…….Now its “OK NASCAR what cha got next?” now the real season starts ……. […]

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