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the Dr’s recap….

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February 2009
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Grab a cup of coffee and let’s sit back and look at the past week, …….

Oh there was lots of feel good stories that were floating around , all the single car teams put together at the last minute, trying to get in the “big race”, the ones who had to go home, yeah lots of feel good stories.

But this past weekend there were 3 races,

Truck race Friday night, new rules, lots of changes in drivers and teams, team that won the title last year now defunct. New teams with new drivers, new teams with old drivers new rules now only 5 guys over the wall instead of 7. Yep lot’s of good stuff, and it came down to the last few laps and Kyle Busch trying to get around Todd Bodine to win … didn’t happen, but it was exciting to watch the blocking and bumping that went on.

Nationwide race on Saturday lots of new thing here too teams and drivers both. Few miscue’s to cause a crash or two but here too it came down to last lap heroics by Kyle Busch running second to Tony Stewart, and Busch trying to use the bumper to get the win… didn’t work here either… Stewart wins….and Busch’s move cost him second place, he wound up 4th.

Then we get to the big one, the 2009 Daytona 500. well it wasn’t quite 500 miles thanks to mother nature….. I guess she had had enough too and she sent in the rain…..but you know, I was really surprised that Kyle Busch who had tried to use the bumper on Friday and Saturday to get a win got mad when he was on the receiving end of the rough driving stuff. When he was handing it out it was ok, but when he was a victim of someone else using it he gets mad… go figure..Kennseth wins rain shortened race…now we go out west…..

Can the 48 team over come the 120 point hole they found themselves in after Daytona? The points standings looks kind of funny now with some new names…..but how long will it stay that way?? not long trust me. As the teams go to the next race you can bet the bad luck of some of the teams at Daytona will turn around and they will find themselves getting back to the top. Now the excitement begins….

The biggest surprise to me was the finish of the RPM cars 3 cars in the top ten. And if the 9 car of Kahne hadn’t of went agricultural racing they might have had 4 cars in the top 12. Good run and the 44 and the 43 ran good together and done a good job of staying out of trouble… is this a sign of things to come?? you bet it is. Better watch out for those Dodges…

the dr.


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  1. Emma says:

    Thats hilarious. Great blog and hope to have some time soon to come back and read more!

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