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the drs views of Fontana..

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February 2009
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Well my picks didn’t fair too well for the race but lets look at some of my notes and thoughts for the race,

One thing that glares out at me is Greg Biffle’s mistake in the pits, did you see that? He over shot his stopping point by at least 20 ft.!! It wound up maybe costing him the race, but thats a whole nother story, even Bif knew he messed up…”They should fire me,” he said immediately after getting out of his car. “That was a pretty fast car. I just screwed it up trying to get greedy”.

Jeff Gordon was bad fast all night long, but it seemed getting beat out of the pits almost every time took its toll as when the end of the race came around he was out of tires and could not do a thing with the rocket fast 17 car of Matt Kennseth.

Jimmie Johnson has a few good runs but the adjustments made in the pits went the wrong way on one stop, and just never really recovered.

Kahne was never really any good until the last 50 laps getting the lucky dog to get back on the lead lap in 17th and slowly worked his way up to 12th but the end of the race.

Hendricks seems to have gotten a bad bunch of valve parts, the teams stated that a bad batch of parts being the cause of Dale jr and Mark Martins engine failures. Now are the Jr fans going to say that Jr isn’t getting the best money can buy due to his engine failure? I mean if the pit calls are going to be blamed on Tony Eury Jr. then surely its H.M.S. Causing his poor runs.

I seen on captthunder that Harvick is going to foot the bill for Moto cross star Ricky Carmicheal’s truck at Atlanta. A race that he was not scheduled to run, but now get this there is a catch, Carmicheal’s contract states that he cannot drive a truck with out Monster energy drink on it! So the will get a free ride at the Atlanta race. And who said lawyers are dumb?

51 cars on list for Vegas race.. guess NASCAR ain’t having to many problems filling the field.

Shelby 427 now that has to be the coolest name for a race in the world!!! I mean that is cool as frost! I love that name.

Lots of talk about Kyle Busch going to F-1….. well last I looked he had a contract with Gibbs til the end of next year, but we all know how contracts are….

Well thats my views for the race last weeks race tomorrow we look ahead to Vegas!

The dr.



  1. FLETCH says:

    The Biff didn’t seem to be burnt at the stake, from the media, for busting his pit stop and losing the race.. Not, like they did Jr. anyway.
    I’m not sure if Gordon’s crew was a tad slower or if Kenseth’s Crew was just that much better and faster.
    I wish the teams would give more of a rundown (and you probably agree with me on this Dr.)of their crews and who they are with each’s history.. I mean, I’d love to know if Gordon got a new rear tire changer or jackman over the season… I’d love to know if Kenseth’s entire team is the same one, minus his crew chief, are the same as last year.

    Jimmie’s car’s set up at the end was very uncharacteristic. After seeing him on Jimmy Kimmel Live and hearing him admit he was in the car, after the rain delays, wondering which Oscar After Parties he was going to get to and which he would miss… Kinda explained it all to me. It his head is no more into the race than that.. then, he can forget about another Championship.

    Dr., I’ve got a feeling that we’ll see Kahne have some mediocre showings here.. But, in Kasey fashion.. It will be like he comes out of nowhere and will be running up front for the rest of the season..I feel this team is right on the cusp of something.. teetering on the edge and once the cross the point of no return… They’ll start showing it on the track.

  2. drflavio309 says:

    you can find crew changes here…. just so you know…
    the dr.

  3. Red Zone says:

    I think Kenseth’s pit crew (along with everything else on that team) is spot on right now. Whoever gets that F-1 seat will see a ton of money thrown at them. If Kyle is the one selected, the new team will buy out his existing contract so he can go overseas. Sorry JK, but if Kyle is offered the ride he’ll take it. He’ll see big dollar signs, international travel and he’ll be cocky enough to think he can go over there and kick F-1’s butt. Who knows, maybe he can.

  4. Brad says:

    Doc, I have to agree with ya. I can’t beleive the way Biffle screwed the pooch on that pit stop. I don’t think Kenseth or Gordon had anything for Biffle if he didn’t slide through his pits. I am glad to see the Roush cars running strong this year, just hope to see the 99 bunch step it up a notch. Maybe Vegas will be where he does.

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