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Las Vegas and Boyd’s Racing.

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February 2009
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Now we head for Sin City!!!!! Las Vegas here comes NASCAR!!!! This race has to have to coolest logo in the series, it is cooler than frost.

Well I don’t think it will turn the city upside down with excitement, but every little bit helps. The Roush cars are going to be strong, maybe Jeff Gordon and the HMS teams, but remember this is the year of new winners, ( I say that as we sit and look at a two time winner in Kennseth blast out of the gates with wins at Daytona and Fontana.)Ford drivers have shown that they are not going to roll over and die. Dodge drivers have something to look forward to with the new engine coming soon, Kurt Busch for the first time in 3 years is ahead of his baby brother Kyle, thanks in part to the new engine from Dodge.

Cheating.??? Surely not….. two Nationwide teams who were caught at Daytona with illegal parts on the cars have appealed..Brad Hicks, crew chief for JD Motorsports’ No. 01 Chevrolet driven by Danny O’Quinn, and Corrie Stott, crew chief for Stott Classic Racing’s No. 02 Chevrolet driven by Andy Ponstein, were each fined $2,000 for the same violation: Having a hollow jacking bolt instead of a solid magnetic steel bolt.

Now my question is this…. If you have a steel bolt that is supposed to be solid, and it was found to be hollow, how can you appeal?Jacking bolts are what sets the ride height on the car its one of the things you see crews turning when they make a pit stop, I will be posting my pick’s for the weekend in tomorrows blog hurry back now ya here?

Kasey Kahne, driver of the #9 Budweiser Dodge in the Sprint Cup Series and Dierks Bentley, multi-platinum country music star, have teamed up to present “Sound Check 9” music concert on March 5 in Duluth, Georgia to benefit the Kasey Kahne Foundation.
“I’ve been friends with Dierks for a while now and I’m excited that we are putting together an event to benefit charity,” said Kahne, a nine-time winner on the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series. “Dierks has been a long-time supporter of children’s charities, which is also the focus of the Kasey Kahne Foundation. So teaming up on this concert is a good fit.”
Tickets are on sale for $27 advance general admission and $50 reserved seating. A special offering of one-hundred VIP Meet & Greet tickets with reserved seating are available for $150 per person.
The show takes place at Wild Bill’s in Duluth, Georgia, which is approximately 23 miles northeast of downtown Atlanta. Wild Bill’s is regarded as one of the best and largest country music and dancing venues in the country. The evening kicks off with a question and answer session with Kahne and other NASCAR drivers (TBD). Bentley, will perform afterwards.

Boyd’s speedway is getting ready for the Cabin Fever 250! Dirt season is here!!!

The new BOYD’s SPEEDWAY is ready to bring back to life a winter-classic of long ago. Racers and fans will have two-days of racing action as the track resurges, the CABIN FEVER 250 WEEKEND event that was a long standing tradition of season opener races at the West Knoxville, track Atomic Speedway. Seven (7) divisions of race teams will make the haul to the recently upgraded facility located on the Tennessee / Georgia state line (literally the pits are divided one side in Ga and the other in Tn.) near I-75, for over $35,000. in posted prize monies. The CABIN FEVER will begin Saturday afternoon (February 28th), with races highlighted by a $3,000. to-WIN Super Late Model race. All other local divisions will run heat races for their features scheduled on Sunday, March 1st. They are in a holding pattern now due to the weather that is expected but this will be a great way to start the year by going to the races! Who know you may even see the dr there.

For more up to date information on Boyd’s check the website

Ya’ll be good and hope to see ya at the races!!!!

the dr.



  1. Gary Kitchen says:

    Sure a good 500, but kind of a gimme to Kennseth winning it by way of the rainout. Was he in postion to stay out front til the end at that point, or was anybody really breathing down his bumper soon?

    Any discovery about the “bad batch of parts” that smoked more than a few motors? I suppose that can happen, but you think the engine boys would QC everything before assembly when they build one. I recall one year I attended the Gatornationals, before Kenny Bernstein retired from a great career. I watched him destroy 3 top fuel motors at around $30,000 each in one day of rounds, who knows what caused the failures, but I was given a rod which survived, it was QC’d and found to be stretched .020″. Possibly the margin of failure before a part lets go, it ain’t pretty or cheap!

  2. Alex Varga says:

    Just out of curiosity and so I can better understand Gary Kitchen’s comment, does the phrases he used “stretched .020” mean expansion caused by the heat of running the engine or is it a manufacturing error?

  3. drflavio309 says:

    I believe the .020 was the amount it stretched during the run, with tight valve clearances that most of these motors run it could cause catastrophic failure, as the piston which is hooked on the end of the rod got up into the head and valves…..there are about 2 million things that could cause a rod to stretch, it just sucks when one of those many wyas shows up in YOUR motor…..thanks for the comments…
    the dr.

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