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Is it cheating? or just using the rules?

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February 2009
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Ok I will say it.. Are the Toyota’s cheating? The 18 of Kyle Busch is Sitting on the pole but will go to the back during the warm up laps and there is a few more who will join him, #00-David Reutimann and #47-Marcos Ambrose qualified fourth and fifth, but also had to change their motors after their laps and will drop to the back of the field. #83-Brian Vickers, who won the pole last week at California but had to forfeit it because of an engine change, and his teammate #82-Scott Speed also switched motors Friday. In all, five Toyota teams switched motors Friday. Now is the Toyota teams laughing at qualifying and just saying screw it we want the press for running fast in qualifying but are willing to move to the back due to changing motors? I am not a fan of the Toyota’s but I really don’t want to believe this, but look at the facts……. last week Vickers sat on the pole and had to go to the back now this week when they seen how good it worked for him there are 4 more teams joining him. Vickers came home with a top 10.

Now look at this, 3 of the top 5 qualifiers are going to the back. It was supposed to be like this:

row 1 18 Busch 2 Busch

row 2 48 Johnson 00 Ruitemann

row 3 47 Ambrose 39 Newman

row 4 9 Kahne 5 Martin

ok send the 18, ,00,and the 47 to the back and it changes the whole complexion of the front couple rows. Now it is like this:

row 1 48 Johnson 2 Busch

row2 9 Kahne 39 Newman

row3 29 Harvick 5 Martin

row 4 12 Stremme 14 Stewart

Scott speed has to go to the back too but he had to get in on points not speed so he don’t have far to go.

Now some will say that this is just a coincidence but is it? I s this going to be a thing that NASCAR will have to put in check? With say additional penalties? Or will it just be a fluke thing? I guess we will have to wait til Atlanta and see.

In other notes …. the rear of the field will have a couple new faces this week, #25-Brad Keselowski,will start 13th #78-Regan Smith,will start 18th #44-AJ Allmendinger,will start 19th #87-Joe Nemechek.will start 22nd #13-Max Papis, will start 26th #71-David Gilliland will go off 30th and #64-Todd Bodine will start shotgun on the field at 43rd All got in the race and #28-Travis Kvapil [1st DNQ of season], #66-Dave Blaney [1st DNQ of season], #73-Mike Garvey, #41-Jeremy Mayfield [1st DNQ of season], #09-Sterling Marlin, #36-Scott Riggs [1st DNQ of season], #37-Tony Raines and #51-Dexter Bean [who wrecked on his run] all got to load up early. Mayfield was almost late getting in line and his run looked like it, he was way off. So he will miss his first race as an owner. Kvapil who landed a few more races with Golden Corral restaurants didn’t make it in either. Well now we wait for practice and see how this will all shakeout..

Boyd’s is postponed due to weather see website for more info

the dr.



  1. Red Zone says:

    I was under the impression that Nascar had some measures in place to insure teams weren’t changing engines just change engines. However, I wouldn’t put it past teams or manufacturers to look closely at the rules and find that gray area that they can use to their advantage.

  2. gjj says:

    Speed channel is saying all TDR engines are crap and they will not finish the race.

  3. Jack says:

    This sounds like the grassy knoll conspiracy. LOL

  4. FLETCH says:

    Well, seems the engine changes might have paid off … Huh? So, are you saying that NASCAR allows teams to change engines even if there’s nothing wrong with the current engine?
    Hell, for that matter.. all teams should change their engines after practice and qualifying then….

  5. drflavio309 says:

    fletch i never said there wasn’t anything wrong with them yeah they broke…. like a short life motor would do… it was built to qualify!!! not race. thats why it broke when it did.
    “all teams should change their engines after practice and qualifying then….” and if toyota keeps this up NASCAR should let the other teams do so if they are going to let toyota build qualifying motors.
    the dr.

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