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Vegas results…..

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March 2009
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What happened at Las Vegas????? Jack Roush said he chose the wrong gear for the tires, lots of people are making fun of Jack about his statement, but if people would listen to what he said they may understand what he means. What he said was “”I think we misjudged how fast this tire was,” Roush said. “The engine turned more. It’s the same spec on the engine we had all of last year. It wasn’t something new or experimental. It was something we had great confidence in.” Now let’s look at this, Roush/Fenway cars come to the track with the same motors they had last year, now did Goodyear bring the same tire? No they did not. Last year the tire they brought to Vegas was crap it gave up on long runs, this year Goodyear got their act together and brought a good tire, the Roush cars were coming into town looking for the same crap tire they had last year, and presto the tire was better. Because the tire had so much grip and didn’t fall off as much as the team expected, Roush said, engines were turning more RPM in the race than they thought they would thus more engine rpms, and the rear end gear choice they made was the wrong one.

“We just made the wrong choice,” Roush said. “We’ll be wiser going to Atlanta.” Now we know what happened to Roush drivers.

I am still trying to figure out why NASCAR threw a late race caution for the debris that was 30′ from the racing surface on the infield, that is beyond me to understand.

Now let’s look at the “Motor Changers” and how they faired at Vegas. The 5 teams who changed engines were the 18 of race winner Busch he started at the back and at thew end of the race showed up with a fresh motor to win the race, the 00 of MWR David Reutimann went to the back and he too showed up at the end to pull off a 4th place career best finish, the 83 of Brian Vickers went to the back, then come in 8th at the finish, Marcos Ambrose who didn’t have the best of days started at the back and finished 20th, Scott Speed started at the back and finished 21st. There were 4 engine failures 2-Fords of Ragan in the 6 car and Kennseth in the 17 and Mark Martin in the 5 was the lone Chevy who lost an engine, and finally the 64 of Todd Bodine who didn’t change engines wound up 37th. Hey who can blame them, if you can run a qualifying motor then change and put your race motor in your that many laps ahead of the rest of the field and apparently it worked for them.

NASCAR has worked to get all the cars equalled out in performance and it seems to have worked, with all the concern over “aero” on the cars Jeff Gordon proved that aero had nothing to do with it as he finished 6th with his left front fender gone… at the end of the race he was running 31.5’s and running with the rest of the top 10 WITH NO LEFT FRONT FENDER!!!!!!!! yeah aero sure….now one thing not many people noticed but I did was the speed the pace car was running, during the yellow’s the pace car was running about 95mph through out the race EXCEPT the last 3 yellows on lap 260-263 when there was “debris” on the track from the 71 car, the pace car speed was down closer to 75mph, then when they threw the yellow on lap 271-278 for the 77 car the pace car speed was closer to 70mph, now how do I know this? Its easy I use Fox Sports “racetrax” and it shows each cars avg. speed and if you watch the leaders speed you can tell what the pace car speed is. Yeah you guessed it this is during the same time the 24 and the 48 car was making up a lap and getting repairs made….

I also find it ironic that the 18 got the Mahle Clevite Engine Builder of the race award. Go figure……

Well now we go to Atlanta and see how things shake out there. One last note the 9 car of Kasey Kahne did manage to pull off a good finish of 11th and moved him into the 13th in the points standings. Up 10 spots from last week.

See you at the races!!!!

the dr.



  1. Mike says:

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  2. FLETCH says:

    As for the engine changes… NASCAR needs to only allow engine changes for ill running engines.. Not perfectly good engines that ONE THINKS might expire during the race.

    Gordon’s damage didn’t hurt him that much.. But, dr., you come across like Gordon was somehow cheating for running so well even with damage.. I’m sure Gordon would’ve rather had a clean front end…and who knows, if he hadn’t have screwed up getting into the pits and kept his car clean.. We very well could’ve had a different race winner.

  3. drflavio309 says:

    fletch you took it way wrong.. I am just saying aero is not as important as they like to play if off as…
    and on the engine thing.. nascar rules say there has to be an issue with an engine to change it.. broke valve or cam or what ever, toyota’s broke, in qualifying, yeah its easy to put a granade out there and when it breaks then they get to change… there is more to this that just a cam problem….

  4. SLY 1 says:

    Well at any rate – The teams and Goodyear need to get together with one another BEFORE THE DAMN RACE,,that way “The Rat in The Hat”ain’t got nothing to say Or anyone else either.
    Bottom line = Communication.
    SLY’s View on the matter.

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