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The dr’s Georgia…….

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March 2009
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Ok next the stop is Atlanta Ga……… Yep, my home state. So I want to give those of you who know nothing about Ga, a little lesson, on what it is “really” like down here. Yeah you can read all the tourist websites but if you wanna know the real stuff…. ask the dr !!!

So here goes .. here are some things everyone needs to about the state of GA.

On January 19, 1861, Georgia joined the Confederacy.

The official state fish is the largemouth bass. (Also home of the world record bass that has stood for 50 years!!!)

In Gainesville, the Chicken Capital of the World it is illegal to eat chicken with a fork. (And they ain’t joking!)

Georgia is the nations number one producer of the three P’s–peanuts, pecans, and peaches.

Known as the sweetest onion in the world, the Vidalia onion can only be grown in the fields around Vidalia and Glennville

In 1828 Auraria, near the city of Dahlongea, was the site of the first Gold Rush in America. (And I am still looking for more….)

Coca-Cola was invented in May 1886 by Dr. John S. Pemberton in Atlanta, Georgia. The name “Coca-Cola” was suggested by Dr. Pemberton’s bookkeeper, Frank Robinson. He penned the name Coca-Cola in the flowing script that is famous today. Coca-Cola was first sold at a soda fountain in Jacob’s Pharmacy in Atlanta by Willis Venable.

Berry College in Rome has the world’s largest college campus. (“ just south of the dr a little bit……”)

Marshall Forest in Rome is the only natural forest within a city limits in the United States. ( Now ain’t that something?!)

The locomotive engine popularly known as The General is housed in the Big Shanty Museum in Kennesaw. It was stolen in the Andrews Railroad Raid in 1862 and later depicted in The Great Locomotive Chase, a popular movie. ( and the great chase came right thru my home town, as a matter of fact the “the general” stopped in tunnel hill to see if they could see the pusurers and to refill the water tank.

Chickamugua National Park is the site of the bloodiest battle in American history. ( my back yard almost)

Some stupid Ga laws and facts..

Acworth: All citizens must own a rake.
• Georgia officials were revising their state laws in 1981, and noticed they still allowed pensions for Confederate widows. That week the last widow died. Lawmakers bowed their heads, and deleted the law.
• It is illegal in Georgia to use profanity in the presence of a corpse.
• It is illegal to change the clothes on a storefront mannequin unless the shades are down.( Some around here still have morals…..)
• It used to be against the law in Jonesboro, Ga., to utter the words, “Oh boy.”
• Kennesaw: Every head of household must possess a firearm of some kind.(wording later changed to “weapon”)
• Marietta: Though it is illegal to spit from a car or bus, citizens may spit from a truck.
• Members of the state assembly cannot be ticketed for speeding while the state assembly is in session.(You knew that one was in there)
• No one may carry an ice cream cone in their back pocket if it is Sunday.( Darn they won’t let you have any fun….)
• One man may not be on another man’s back.( I will just say “NO COMMENT”)
• Signs are required to be written in English.(now getting this one enforced…..)
• You have the right to commit simple battery if provoked by “fighting” words.

Now you know all you need to know about Ga….

Seriously though, Georgia is the home to A.M.S. An that is the next race, this is not a place to play around, no restrictor plates here.

Oh yeah one more thing, Bill Elliott is from Ga. Yeah I know he is driving for a part time team and he always runs in the back. Well, I think this year it could be different, with the Wood Brothers turning down outside money and just stepping back and doing what they have always done best….. FOCUS!!!! The team is cutting back on the number of races they will enter just like days of old….And a little one car team wants to stomp in and just hang it on the rest of them? Really don’t see it happening. But I am going to be pulling for him to run strong though…. thats the dr’s feel good story for the week..

Now lets go watch practice.

The dr.



  1. jbcom says:

    Great stuff about Georgia. Got a guy up here that claims to grow Vidalia onions in his garden.I agree about Elliot in this race. Got him as my second driver behind Labonte and might just put him in. Great blog Dr. and no spitting,unless you got a truck!

  2. drflavio309 says:

    he may grow onions in his yard but to be called vidalia onions they have to be grown in ga…. legally anyhow. and it is proven no other place in the world has the same soil as that area and thus the patented name and taste….
    the dr.

  3. noydbyj says:

    About the ice cream cones…Can you have an empty ice cream cone in your back pocket on a Sunday? Does the law only apply to actual ice cream? I MUST KNOW!!!

  4. Jack says:

    I have to admit that I have on many occasions eaten a Vidalia Onion as one would eat an apple. The Vidalia is God’s gift to the onion world.
    dr. as far as peanuts go, did you drink Royal Crown Cola as a kid and did you put salted peanuts in the bottle?
    Had an R/C the other night and I did put the salted peanuts in.

  5. drflavio309 says:

    yeah jk… i put peanuts in my r/c…. do you mean to tell me there are people who dont???
    the dr.

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