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Atlanta Results, (sorry it’s late.)

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March 2009
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First I want to say I am sorry got not getting this posted sooner, I have
been under dr’s orders to stay in bed with sinus issues…. I will NOT let
it happen again…..the dr.

Now to the news at hand…..

Jimmy Watts, 7 year veteran and a professional fire fighter, who just
happens to be the gas man for the 47 car of Marcos Ambrose. This
name will live in infamy……
Seriously I dont know what Mr. Watts was thinking but man he sure
scrambled the field in the race at Atlanta. I am sure he never meant to
go as far as he did but it was like”hey , I am already here might as well
go ahead and get it”. I mean they guy made a mistake and he is now
paying for it . And NASCAR aint done with him it don’t seem. Poor
guy…… yeah right.

I know Busch won the race, Kurt that is in a Dodge no less!..but look
just a little ways down the list and You see the 9 car, who was 26 in
points 3 weeks ago and is now in the top 10.  He has had  a few cars
that were horrible but he has managed to bring them home and the
finishes just keep getting better, he even ran with the leaders for a long
time sunday while he was a lap down(thanks there Mr. Watts) and he
managed to bring it home in 7th. Raising him to 9th on the points

And what can You say about Kurt Busch? Led for 234 of 330 laps now
he sits 3rd in the points and has 1 win. Penske has the new Dodge motor
running strong this season and it shows how much off season testing in the
dyno room can pay off. There are a few more teams who plan to be running
the new Dodge motor soon. I Cant wait.
The season is going strong for some teams and not so strong for others, but
with the 2 week break it will give some teams a chance to catch up and get
their acts together.
Now that I am back on even keel I will try to get caught up  as quick as

the dr.



  1. jbcom says:

    MAN…..Busch was fast at Atlanta..Picked him a week early.Barring accidents and equipment failures,you can be sure he is going to be strong all year.He has always been a good driver,now that blue deuce is working for that team I expect him to be running up front all year.Glad to here you are up and feeling better.Good read as usual…John

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