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Mid week ramblings…

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March 2009
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Start and park…. what a concept!! Now who would think of a team going to a race only to run 10-15 laps and head for the trailer? Well it happens every week. Teams at the bottom of the food chain do it to just keep going. Lets look at the last few races….

Ok let’s look at what some of these teams made, take Joe Nemachek for example, at Atlanta he run 39th he made 110 laps and dropped out with a $70,800.00payday. Not bad for 110 laps. But Mike Bliss in the Phoenix Racing car only made 21 laps and brought home a $70,141.00 payday.

Now we go back to Vegas Joe finished 40th and made $83,309.00 for 40 laps, go back a little farther to Fontana and Joe had a real good run he made 34 laps and made $82,000.00 I think him and Mike Bliss both had fuel pump issues there and one made 34 laps and one made 37 laps Bliss made $335.00 more than Nemacheck ……

Step back a bit to Daytona and upstart team of Jeremy Mayfield made the race and run a total of 43 laps for a payday of $265,180.00 not bad at all for 43 laps.

Look at the 08 car of John Carter, now this guy runs a super limited budget, with used cars and motors and he can never get his cars up to speed and he knows it, but does it keep him from going? Nope , now he may not try every race on the schedule but the ones he does try he is always in the bottom 5 as far as speed no matter who he gets to drive. But his overhead is a lot smaller than the big teams too. He has maybe one or two guys on the payroll, a small shop, no engine program or wind tunnel bills. So his cost per lap is pretty low. The way he runs he could run the entire year on one motor and still have laps left on it.

I understand these teams are just trying to survive, and I dont fault them for that but if your going to show up at least show up to run more than 40 laps. I mean Joe has had a pretty good year so far, he had made a total of 105 laps of racing and he has made over $240,000.00 , now that ain’t bad. And that is ju8st in cup, he has a nationwide car too. Same crew for both cars, so its even more than that if you count both series.

Rumors are flying around that NASCAR has on a bunch of times come and asked car owners to roll out a back up car and get a driver to get the car in the field so NASCAR has a full field…. yeah it happens a good bit in truck series… can you say but hey these teams are trying to make a buck and NASCAR is trying to make them out to be the bad guy, just some more spin from the Spin doctors of NASCAR… whats the old saying? “bad press is better than no press” sounds like a sanctioning body I know…….

Now for months all the dale Jr fans have been calling for Tony Eury Jr.’s head on a plater… well there in a more deserving crew chief show should be sent down the hill to a truck team…. Alan Gustafson he is in his 10th year at HMS and what has he done? Nothing he couldn’get the likes of Kyle Busch to victory lane, now he has taken a very good driver in Mark Martin and got him buried so far down the points list Martin really does have to look up to see the bottom. As he is almost ready to slide out of the top 35 in points. This guy Gustafson has got to go, if there is a crew chief at HMS that needs a new job its this guy.

Coming next is my indepth look at Bristol…..

the dr.

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