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Tony Eury Jr. will be around for a while.

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March 2009
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Glad to see that the rest of the racing world is in agreement with the dr. Jeff Gordon who happens to be a 4 time champion said “You see certain drivers, and you know what they need for a crew chief and it’s unanimous still to this day that Tony Eury Jr. is the guy for Junior – and possibly the only guy for Junior.”

Tony Stewart who happens to have a couple titles to his credit said this”everybody starts trying to point a finger at where’s the problem, why’s the problem happening and what you need to do to fix it,” Stewart said. “It’s been pointed at Dale Jr., it’s been pointed at Tony Eury Jr. …

But if you ask me, the only people who really know what’s going on are the people in the organization. Unless you know every detail about what’s going on and know all the situations, I don’t think it’s an accurate assessment to point the finger at one person and say, ‘Hey, this is the cause of the problem.’”

And Dale Jr himself said I’ll take the fall,” Earnhardt Jr. said Friday at Bristol Motor Speedway, which will host Sunday’s Food City 500 Sprint Cup race. “I’d rather be crucified than him. Every time I read in the paper that people are on his case, I feel like I’m sending my brother to jail for a crime I committed.”

So like I have said for months it is not Eury Jr.’s fault. But people who are members of the “great Jr Nation” refuse to admit that their driver could ever be wrong. There is no way in some folks eyes that Dale is anything but the second coming of Dale sr. And this is a shame, I really wish that HMS would fire Eury Jr so he could go to a team that he could work and show his stuff. But smart as Rick Hendricks is he ain’t letting Eury go anytime soon.

One of the things that Eury Jr. said really impressed me he said ““Well, [if you] don’t read it, you don’t know they’re saying it.” Now that is telling it like it is. But he wasn’t done.“Dale Jr.’s a great driver, and I think a lot of people look at it as, if the car doesn’t handle right or something, then it should be my fault,” Eury Jr. said. “If that’s the case, I’m fine with it because that is kind of my responsibility. I make the last call. I decide whether we pit or whatever.

But it’s just a matter of, everybody’s got an opinion. We can all sit back and Monday- morning-quarterback and say, ‘Well, [Eury Jr.] should’ve done this or should’ve done that.’ We do it to ourselves. Everybody has just got to realize we’re doing the best we can. Can we do better? Yes. … I really don’t let it bother me.”

At the same time, I like racing with my cousin,” Earnhardt Jr. said. “Whether we are the perfect combination or not, that doesn’t mean anything to me. I just like racing with him. That’s what I want to do for the rest of my life. I like working with him.

Dale Jr said he wants Eury Jr around and he says he wants to race with him for as long as he is racing. He said Whether I get to do that or not, I don’t know. But I like racing with him. Maybe we’re not the best combination out there, but if we’re both on our ‘A’ game and doing what we should be doing and we get a little bit of luck, we’d do just as good as anybody else out there.”

And Eury Jr. said that as long as Dale JR will have him he is there, “I’ve made this clear: When I came over there, the biggest thing was I wanted to be a part of it,” Eury Jr. said. “That’s all I’ll ever say. I’d like to work on Dale Jr.’s cars and him have the trust that somebody is doing the best job they can possibly do for him, and he can be surrounded by the best people. Whether it’s me setting up cars or me cleaning the cars, I could care less. I just want to be a part of his deal.”

And with Dale Jr starting 35th at Bristol they both have their work cut out for them.

See you at the races

the dr.



  1. FLETCH says:

    Yep, startin’ a 1/2 lap down sucks!
    Bottom line is.. Neither one of them are gettin’ er done.

  2. SLY 1 says:

    Well written Blog dr – yeah there is always someone pointing a finger at someone when there is a problem – the only problem with Jr – is Jr = = he is trying to damn hard to please the Boss,if he will pay more Attn. to his driving then he will start winning races.- Never mind the Bars & Racetracks that has been bought – Race to win and put the other stuff on hold.
    Just my way of thinking people…SLY 1

  3. Jack says:

    dr. you hit this one right on the button. The Jr. Nation has got to realize that this is not Dale Sr. nor will he ever be. He is a good driver and Eury is the right fit but Jr. will never be a great driver. As you said, he is not the second coming of Sr. as much as the Jr. fans want it to happen.
    SLY; you also hit on some of the things that I feel are a BIG distraction to Jr.even though he claims they aren’t.
    Good Job dr. and be prepared for the Jr.Nation to come down on your head.

  4. jbcom says:

    Facts are facts and you hit the nail on the head Dr.

  5. Shynloco says:

    Well guys, you know I’m a Jr fan, but this time I’m gonna have to disagree with my friend the dr. Not that I believe everything those former Crew Chiefs turned announcers say, but now even some of them are starting to say that the communication between Jr and Eury Jr isn’t working like it used to. When Jr tells Eury Jr what the car is doing and what he doesn’t like, these former Crew Chiefs noted that Eury Jr is apparently over-correcting or under-correcting. I personnaly believe Eury Jr has reached the pinnacle of his abilities and just doesn’t have what it takes on this level to win a championship. Remember, Eury Sr was the one who was Jr’s Crew Chief when he won the Nationwide Series Championship. I just think theres too much distance between those two and they’ve gone as far as they’re gonna get. That belief takes into consideration that Jr bears a fare amount of the responsiblity as well and has extended himself too far in other activities that creat distractions. Now I ain’t about to bail out just cause the 88 Team isn’t winning races. But I believe they’ve had enough time, considering their history together, to have worked out the bumps that keep creating problems. I flat believe its time for a change in Crew Chiefs!

  6. drflavio309 says:

    hey shy look at it this way…… if hammond and Macreynolds were any good in todays cars why do you think they are sitting in the booth?? cuz racing has past them by they can only guess what is going on in todays cars. facts are the facts…. 88’s problem is the loose nut behind the wheel.
    the dr.

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