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2 thoughts I had….

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March 2009
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Two thoughts….

2 thoughts come to mind while watching a recorded version of yesterdays race….. one the attitude of Kyle Busch in the n’wide race the day before…. leaving his car in turn 3…… and then in a tv interview he states.“I told the ladies to `Man up, get the job done on the last stop,’ which they did,” Busch said. “I’m proud of them for doing that. When the time mattered most, they got the job done.” I am sorry but that is low class, you win as a team and you lose as a team, never let one member of a team think he is better than the others. And what is Kyle doing? He is belittling his crew on national tv, the crew that gets him on and off pit road almost every time he goes to the pits faster than anyone else…..But he is going to tear them down when they make one mistake? how many perfect pit stops have these guys give him? And he takes his anger out on them? That ain’t fair, don’t care who you are or where your from, you don’t shoot yourself in the foot…you win together you lose together….that is one lesson he is going to have to learn if he wants to win a title.

Now for my second thought…… hummm Have you looked at the points today??have you seen who winds up in 6th in points??have ya? Huh? Well I will tell you its the 9 car of Kahne. Yep “bud boy” has turned things around, had a bad day back in February at Daytona starting the season in 29th place. then he moves to 21st with a 12th place finish at Fontana and he went to Vegas and got a 11th place finish which moved him in to 13 place in points, he started to get on track with a 7th place finish at Atlanta moving him in to the top ten to 9th in points. His great 5th place at Bristol really helped, as he moved up a few more spots. Just 155 points out of the lead of Jeff Gordon. He now sits in 6th in cup points. There are 3 past champions below him in the standing right now including the defending Champion..And once the new motor program gets in place and 100% I think this team is on course for a winning season!!

Got a question or comment?? please leave them I will o my best to answer the questions and I promise to read your comments, may not agree but I do read….. have a great day and see you at the races…

the dr.



  1. Shynloco says:

    Hey dr,
    Just goes to show ya how immature young Kyle still is. His brain hasn’t cause up with his Asshole yet so until he learned some class, I’ll keep hopin he crashes or screws up. This kid’s ability to drive is far beyond most, but his demeanor and characterizations of the rest of his team are way out of line.

  2. Little E~Big M fan says:

    I will always admire Kyle’s abilities. He is an excellent driver, sometimes against all odds. But he is lacking in so many other areas like class, loyalty, humility to anme a few. Good article dr.

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