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Enough is Enough…

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March 2009
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Enough is enough…….

Everyone is jumping on the Kyle Busch bandwagon now a days and I want to look at this just a little bit……

why is everyone jumping on his bandwagon? They say he can drive….. ok he can drive, is he the next 7 time champion?? no way….. is he the new face of NASCAR?? to some not to me….

Here is how I see all this….. A few years ago NASCAR decided to to to this “car of tomorrow” and forever change racing, brand new car, something that these drivers hadn’t had in years. Like in 2 generations of drivers.

The old car had been thru every race track, they knew all the setups, and, what it took to get them fast. With the “aero effects” on the old car for the last 10 years if you wanted to drive in Cup, you had to like a tight race car. Drivers who could handle a tight race car were in the money almost every week. Guys who liked loose race cars were at the rear of the field, simply because the old cars were set up to drive tight. Sooooo when we come to the “COT” we have a new car and no one knows what these cars like. It is a “common law” known in “dirt racing” that says “loose is fast”…….. and this applied to NASCAR’s old car only in certain places, certainly, not the norm. Well, along comes a car that don’t like tight setups. And the crew that has figured this out is the one’s with drivers who like to drive a loose car. Busch likes a loose car and it has shown by what people are raving about how good he is……. it’s not that he is just that good, it just looks better… its different…and some think it’s “new”. It is as “old as the hills”! Look back on some of those old ESPN Classic channel’s old races, them boys were loose from the drop of the green and just got looser as the race wore on. Fans of today would swear that Kyle Busch was driving!!!! But that is how it was back in the day… Real races, real race cars, and real racin!!!!

I do have to admit that Kyle Busch is bringing some of that back, but I still don’t like him.

The dr.



  1. John Burno says:

    Biffle is another guy that likes a loose car.Watch his success pick up again. Hard to like Kyle but you can’t deny the ability.The guy is winning at all levels.Heck …he took a truck missing gears and came back after a pit stop to win.Hopefully he will mature and catch up to his talent. Big brother was disliked for a while and now blends in pretty well. Hard to like a cocky driver but sometimes it’s that attitude that gives them an edge. Good read Dr.

  2. noydbyj says:

    Makes it all the more impressive what Johnson has been able to accomplish the last 3 years. In 3 different kinds of cars (all old car, mixed old/new, all new car), he won the championship every time.

  3. Fletch says:

    As you all know, I love giving out nicknames & im going to give Kyle B. one that’s very fitting, ‘The Brat’. that’s exactly how he acted after the N’wide Race & if that’s ‘The New Face of NASCAR’ then im seriously going to consider giving up the sport.
    Im sorry but it takes more than just mere driving ability to win Championships. More so, it takes Teamwork & with the way Kyle acts towards his peers & crew he doesn’t stand a sinner’s unsaved soul’s chance in heaven. He won’t be a Champion until he starts acting & carrying himself like Champion.

  4. Shynloco says:

    I agree with ya 101% on this one! He can drive alright, but what an azzzzz!

  5. Jack says:

    If it was as simple as liking a loose car, wouldn’t some of these guys adjusted and accepted the fact they had to drive loose? I was a Kyle fan before he went to Gibbs and lately a lot of folks are pushing me aside to get on the bandwagon. I claimed my seat a long time ago. It seems that it is much more than driving loose, every race we have 42 other guys in there and some are pretty talented and experienced, you would think that by now they would be able to catch this little whiz kid. They have to use their talent and know how to beat him but they don’t seem to be getting that part down yet.

  6. Red Zone says:

    We have the media to thank for giving us Kyle as the new face of Nascar. Thanks to him racing in the top three series every chance he can and winning, the media had to publicize his success. I don’t know about you hard core Nascar fans, but I really don’t see that many new fans wearing the M & M gear. I hear a lot of boos while at the track when Kyle is introduced and cheers when he has on track problems. I can’t disagree that Kyle has talent. Kyle’s personality makes it hard for me to become a fan of his.

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