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The All Star Race….

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March 2009
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The new format for the All-star race has been announced and I took the text from and added my thoughts in there, not sure how this is going to workout but it sure seems like the makings for a “yawner” for the first 3 segments. Lets look at how NASCAR wants this to go.

Segment 1: 50 laps with a mandatory green-flag pit stop on Lap 25 at which time teams must pit and take on four tires. Following the end of Segment 1, the caution flag will be displayed for an optional pit stop.

I don’t see this as anything more than a warming up of the tires….
* Segment 2: 20 laps with the caution flag displayed at the end of Segment 2 for an optional pit stop.

More tire warming, if someone is really far off they may make a pit stop here but I doubt it.
* Segment 3: 20 laps with a 10-minute break at the end of Segment 3. Teams may make normal adjustments to their cars during this break. The finishing order after the third segment determines the final starting positions for the fourth and final segment.

Now this one has something going for it, it is going to set up the starting line up for the last segment, so here you will see some action I think.
* Segment 4: 10-lap shootout with only green-flag laps counting.

Now all these drivers going for 1 million dollars, now this might make some drivers take chances they wouldn’t normally take, this one should be good! But the other 3 segments should be yawners.
The eligibility standards for the NASCAR Sprint All-Star Race remain the same: race winners from either the 2008 or 2009 season through May 9 or any past champions of the all-star event or NASCAR Sprint Cup Series (over the previous 10 years) are eligible for the race. In addition, the top-two finishers in the Sprint Showdown, a 40-lap preliminary race scheduled for 7:30pm/et and the winner of the Sprint Fan Vote, all advance into the all-star race lineup. Kasey Kahne can thank the fans for giving him the opportunity to win the 2008 NASCAR Sprint All-Star Race, as he made it into the field after being voted in by the fans.

Other than taking up TV time I really don’t see what the first two segments are there for, unless it is to warm up the tires. Now the last 2 segments are going to really get exciting as segment 3 is going to set the field for the final shootout for 1 million dollars. Now who is going to win???? I expect a repeat of last year!

On a separate note…..Last night I had the honor of being on Racing Radio Hour show of Shaun Whitfield, on 1370 AM in Chattanooga Tn. It is a ESPN station and he was very gracious allowing me to plug my blog and talk about racing. I only hope I get to get back on there again! If you want to checkout Shaun’s TV show its on Monday nights on Fox61 in Chattanooga Tn. You can go to the website and watch previous shows. It is a good show and the hosts are really race fans disguised as announcers! Here is the link to watch them if you like. Let them know you heard about it on Top of the box blog!!!!!

thanks and see ya at the races!

The dr.



  1. FLETCH says:

    First, I think the 10 lap shootout at the end is freaking LAME!!! That’s almost worst than a GWC! Whoever is out front in the clean air will run away with it…

    I can see everyone taking tires after the 2nd segment due to there being 45 laps on them.. For those who don’t take tires it will mean at the end of Segment 3 they will have 65 lap worn tires and those who took rubber will be better positioned to tranfer to a good spot for the final segment..

    I see a few takers after the 25 laps of the 1st segment, but not many. Gamblers who are hoping to capitalize on fresh rubber to position them at the front til the end.

    All in all.. I’d rather see a 30 lap shootout at the end.
    IMO, a 10 lap segment is more about who has the best set up and equipment.. not the best driving talent (what you see when the tires start to wear and how the driver manages them)…..

    As always dr.. Great job awesome info!

  2. noydbyj says:

    I actually kind of like the 10 lap shootout, but it shouldn’t just be “green flag laps count,” it should need 10 green flag laps in a row.

  3. Red Zone says:

    I think the All Star Race is too long. Too much driving and not enough racing. Let’s make it more of a Saturday night spring race. I’ll go along with a first segment that requires a pit stop. I like to see those guys get some action and some recognition during the event. I like the 10 minute halftime. Let’s make the second segment a 20 lap give it all you got segment with no inversion to the field. Where you finished segment 1 is where you start segment 2. That would help ensure no one was sandbagging and trying to do their best throughout. After all, isn’t that what Bruton Smith, Lowe’s Speedway owner, is all about, the fans?

  4. FLETCH says:

    I think what we are going to see is another watered down version of a 2008 Brickyard 400.. Remember all those mandatory cautions that made it feel like heat races??? I believe we’ll see what the dr. describes as a ‘yawner’ like the Brickyard was… I used to get so damned pumped for the All~Star Race but it’s lost it’s luster over the last couple years…

  5. FLETCH says:

    That last 10 lap shootout.. I bet we see no passes for an exchange for the lead….

  6. SLY 1 says:

    I have t6o agree with Fletch on this one – I’d much
    rather see a 20 or 30 lap finish,10 laps just ain’t
    gonna get it done,, just my view on the matter.
    Great Blog dr. your getting better.

  7. Little E~ Big M fan says:

    I like RZ’s comments and think his suggestions would be good.
    We will all remember that Brickyard 400 for years and years to come LOL
    Good blog dr.

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