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March 2009
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Rain, rain, go away..

Rain has been the topic of the weekend at Martinsville, this weekend. With Cup qualifying and the truck race rained out the weather has made a big dent in the schedule this weekend. Cup cars very limited practice, and the trucks even though they got qualifying in they too were limited in practice. Now we go to points to set the lineup, this gives us a problem, we are going to have cars with very limited practice, and the line up is not the fastest at the front. So is it going to be a crashfest? Very well could be. If they can get thru the first 30 lap without a major pileup we should be good to go. The top ten in practice is not the ones who will be stating up there, and it is a shame, the 47 of Ambrose has a very good practice, as did the 42 of Montoya, 00 of Ruitemann, and the 33 of Boyer. The top 30 in practice were only separated by .25 seconds. So the field is fast and close which should provide for some good racing but since it is so hard to pass at this track, I look to see lots of rooting, getting into the corner, that ad out braking getting in the corners. The super team of HMS has all 4 cars in the top 16 practice speeds with Gordon in the 24 leading the way in 3rd, Martin in the 5 in 10th but he scrapped the wall during his last run but only got minor sheet metal damage, not enough to go to a back up car. Johnson, and Earnhardt Jr. coming in 15th and 16th. But Jr. is only .15 seconds behind in practice times. Now how many drivers were making race runs and how many were in qualifying setups? Now that is the question. And how much has the track changed? All these are questions that only time will tell. The top 3 in speeds in practice, Hamlin who led practice will start 8th, Harvick who was 2nd in practice will start 12th and Gordon who was 3rd fastest in practice will start on the pole. Juan Montoya who was 4th fastest will start in 15th. This should prove testing for some drivers who know they have a fast car trying to get up front before they leader laps them. I hope everyones drivers has a good day and we will see you at the races! The dr.



  1. Red Zone says:

    With the rain washing the track clean, will we see a competition caution a short time in the race so they can check tires and make adjustments?

  2. Little E~Big M fan says:

    I just need to see a race, no matter how rainy it gets.
    Racing has so many variables over and above being a good driver, in good equipment.
    When reading blogs on race track histories, “Rained Out” often has as many numbers as the wins and poles do etc. An annoying fact of racing for sure, and one that will always be there at many tracks.

  3. SLY 1 says:

    I think Called ON Account Of Rain are the most
    Shi//yest words to hear for a Nascar Fan
    but what can ya do…again good blog Dr.

  4. drflavio309 says:

    REDZONE look for the competition caution at 40 laps…

    the dr.

  5. Fletch says:

    Well, I must say.. that was the best race yet this year. I also witnessed more patience than I originally thought I would.
    Hard to believe they would ever consider taking a race away from one of the most competitive tracks on the circuit.

    dr., fill us in on why there were some ‘melting’ tires.

  6. Fletch says:

    I just read where it was the heat from the brakes that melted the beads on the tires.

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