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Answer to a Question about tires.

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March 2009
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One of the questions I have gotten is why were the teams melting tires……

What happens on a track like Martinsville is the teams run some of the biggest brakes in the front they can find, these calipers and rotors are limited by the size of the wheel since it has to fit inside of the wheel so the teams get as big as they can fit inside of the wheel for more braking on a track where braking is so vital. Well when you get these big brakes hot it puts them right next to the wheel, less than an inch from the wheel, which houses the tire. When these brakes get hot you are looking at over 1600 degrees plenty enough to cause rubber to melt. One of the ways teams combat this is to put blowers on the wheels, to try and keep the temp’s down. Most of the times it works, but some teams had issues with either fans not working for various reasons like debris being caught in there, and the brakes get so hot it boils the fluid, and puts so much heat on the rims it causes the tires to melt, some teams have tried using heat resistant paint on the inside of the wheels to fight this temp increase.
Some times it works…. an like today,sometimes it don’t…. hope that answered your question….

see you at the races!!!!

the dr.


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