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April 2009
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Pit stop cost Carl Edwards the race?

Everyone is real fast to lay blame, no matter where, everyone has an opinion and here is mine…….Did the pit stop cost Carl Edwards the race???

I don’t think so….. stuff happens and it happened to Carl Edwards. ”We just had a terrible set of circumstances that put us in this position. We had a couple guys get injured. Everybody’s trying their hardest, but, boy, it’s so frustrating. It’s tough to lose one like that.”

The pit crew that Edwards started the season with isn’t the same crew that pitted the car at Texas, for two crewmen have suffered injuries and have had to be replaced.

The way this works is I don’t need anybody telling me when I’ve done something wrong,” Edwards said. “They don’t need anybody to tell them. Those guys want to win this race just as badly as I do. We’re all in this together. They don’t come yell at me when I hit the wall, so it’s not my position to be mad at them. We’ve just got to do whatever we can to fix it. Hopefully, that’s good enough.

These guys work as hard as possible during the week and they do the best that they can to do the job they are trained to do, sometimes you drop the ball, the trick is to pick it up and keep running. Don’t let one bad stop set the tone for the season.

Look at Dale Jr…… he had a loose lug on one stop , had to return to get it fixed and he blew by the pit stall… on the radio he said” I can’t see a damn thing” but in the after race interview he said “We were already last in line on the lead lap,” Earnhardt Jr. said. “We came down pit road, and all the lapped [cars] were in their stalls, and I just didn’t want to get T-boned by one of those guys coming out. I didn’t get it in the stall, so we just went around and came back in.” Well now make up your mind…..what he was doing is taking the blame for his crew…. so I think that is a great thing he is showing that he paid attention to the way Kyle Busch treats his crew, and he don’t want the added pressure on his team.

Now if you watched Fox Sports Pre-Race show you seen DW do his little rant,well in all the years he has been in the booth I think this is one time I finally have to agree with him. I can’t believe that I just said that but I did. And I do agree with him, NASCAR has taken the passion out of the sport, the drivers don’t have the fire that they used to, one of the things that drew fans to the sport, the anger of getting taken out of a race, or the anger of getting bumped out of the way, like last week at Martinsville when Johnson bumped Hamlin out of the way, Hamlin was way to politically correct in his after the race interview, where is the anger of getting a win taken away? While I don’t like him I will be the first to admit that, one thing Kyle Busch does bring back to the sport is Passion! And he brings it back in spades. Now will that be his claim to fame? No I honestly feel he is a force to be reckoned with regardless of how I feel about him. He is good for NASCAR, in that sense.

Now all of my regular readers don’t for a second think that I have changed my views on Busch, I still don’t like him…..But some things you just have to learn to live with!

Now if you have been watching the Nationwide series you have no doubt seen Justin Algaier now this kid has the skills to pay the bills!! watch for him to be busting into cup next year. Roger Penske has got him a good one there.

Stay tuned for more up coming news!!!!!

C-ya at the races!!!

the dr.



  1. FLETCH346 says:

    Carl Edwards and Kyle ‘The Brat’ Busch… One is of Championship Calibre and one is not.. A man who doesn’t point fingers nor place blame on anyone but himself, no matter the circumstances, is a Champion. And, his Crew will treat him like one and will show up to each and every race for him.. If I were part of Kyle’s crew.. I’d be removing his gascap and taking a leak in his tank.

    I don’t know if Jr. is smoking some of those left handed cigarettes or he needs glasses but.. He better visit the Optometrist soon or get on the wagon.. Because, he’s losing sight and getting left in the smoke! (Like how I tied that in together, dr.? LMAO!)

    IMO, Kyle Busch hasn’t brought ‘The Passion’ back to NASCAR but has brought a new interest. Everyone wants to tune in to see what kind of childish bullshit he does next. To me, that’s not passion.
    Passion was Edwards making a last ditch effort in the last turns of a race to get by Jimmie Johnson but got in too hard and couldn’t make it stick.. all the while making sure he didn’t take out the other competitor..
    Passion to me is.. Jeff Gordon not liking the way Kenseth raced him and confronted him on PitRow after the race…
    Passion to me is.. Jeff Gordon winning a Duel and the first thing he does in the Winner’s Circle is grab his daughter and hug her..
    Passion to me is… Kevin Harvick and JPM going at it on a road course..

    Passion to me ISN’T… A punk Brat Kid dissin’ his crew in public, telling them ‘the ladies better man up’.
    Passion to me ISN’T… A punk Brat Kid parking his car on the track after a race and walking off..
    Passion to me ISN’T.. A punk Brat Kid not finishing where he wanted, leaving his car and crew on pit row as he runs down the track, jumps the wall and leaves everyone without saying a word.

    The Brat IS NOT the PASSION of NASCAR.. He’s the immature, impatient, idiotic, smart mouth, punk kid who is going to leave a black eye on the sport… If he doesn’t change his ways.

  2. FLETCH346 says:


    Also, Edward’s Crew had two replacements due to Injuries… Two new Crew guys can throw a monkey wrench into a Pit Stop faster than the dr. can put a lime in his Corona!!

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