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Can Gordon win at Homestead?

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Can Gordon win at Homestead? That seems to be the question these days….. with his win at Texas last week he added another notch to his belt leaving only Homestead -Miami Speedway as the only tack where he don’t have a win. Will this year be the year that the 1005 palm trees get to see the 24 go tovictory lane? (yeah there are 1005 palm trees there 15 different kinds of them) Will the track that opened in 1995 be the last track for Gordon to checkoff his list? ESPN provided us with a list of driver’s who have covered these tracks pretty good, Gordon stands to be the first to win at every track that NASCAR runs on today. But can he do it? Well he has had 14 years to get it done and he hasn’t yet but with the streak he is on this year I think it will happen, but willit happen this year? That remains to be seen. Driver — Wins — Tracks won at Richard Petty — 200 — 51 of 84 David Pearson — 105 — 38 of 65 Bobby Allison — 84 — 28 of 47 Darrell Waltrip — 84 — 16 of 26 Cale Yarborough — 83 — 18 of 46 Jeff Gordon — 82 — 23 of 24 One thing I do find interesting is the number of tracks that the top 5 raced on, look at Petty he ran on 84 tracks! NASCAR thinks it has problems with date for track now…..Pearson ran on 65 tracks But those days of NASCAR are long gone, a different era of racing then, but not to take anything away from Gordon he has done pretty good on the 24 tracks he has won on… Michael Waltrip Racing has signed the 17-year-old brother of NASCAR Sprint Cup regular Martin Truex Jr. as a development driver. Could we have another brother team coming soon? Truex started racing four years ago in a Bandolero at Wall Township Speedway in New Jersey. He graduated to Legends and won a speedway championship at the track in 2007. Last season, Truex raced a family owned Late Model at Motor Mile Speedway in Radford, Va. Seems he spent a lot of time gathering up his parts last year no wins…. and a few mad drivers…. but with the name and a big brother as a cup regular it seems easy to get noticed… Ricky Stenhouse Jr. will make his NASCAR Nationwide Series debut Saturday in the Pepsi 300 at Nashville Speedway. A former sprint car standout he will be driving for Roush/Fenway this weekend. Stenhouse finished 4th in the ARCA series last season. Seems that NASCAR is really pushing the media to spout off about the “Testing Ban” everywhere ou look they are talking about it, well testing budgets have not changed not a bit, just the names on the checks the teams write to the tracks has, where it used to be tracks sanctioned by NASCAR now it is tracks that are NOT sanctioned by NASCAR. Well I guess that is good for the other track owners, since NASCAR wants north of $30,000.00 just to put the NASCAR banner up and then they want a % of the gate. So who does the “testing ban” really hurt? You guessed it!!NASCAR track owners!  them and the little guy teams who were starting to get a grip on the new “cot” but now they cant test like the big boys … it only serves to help the teams with 7 post shaker rigs and all the testing results from the past year so you will see  no tears from the top of this box……. well C-ya at the races….. looks like Nashville for the Nationwide race is where its at this weekend,, don’t forget to watch Justin Algaier.. “the kid with the skills to pay the bills” the dr.



  1. Jack says:

    Gordon could win at Homestead if he can keep the edge he has right now. It usually doesn’t happen that way though.
    I think he will peak mid season and then cool down a little. He’s not a youngster anymore and it’s a long season.
    As for this testing ban, that sounds like typical Nascar logic. Let’s ban testing, only on our sanctioned tracks though. Hmmm, don’t they pay big bucks to be Nascar sanctioned ? Yeah, but who cares. What’s that you say, they are still testing but on non sanctioned tracks. Hmmmm, who gets the money for that? The non sanctioned tracks, you say.
    Hmmm, What wrong with this picture?

  2. FLETCH346 says:

    Testing.. If a Team wants to circumvent the rules, they’ll find a way to do so…. Sounds to me that NASCAR is screwing themselves out of some money. But, I’m sure they’ll more than make up for it with Driver Fines and increased ticket prices….

    As for Gordon… Why couldn’t this year be his year? Truth be known, under the old points system.. Gordon wouldve had 6 Championships by now… I think this year he’s shown more consistency, to this point, than he has out of any year he’s competed.
    We have Phoenix and Dega coming up next… Could we see Gordon win 3 in a row?? It is VERY possible.. Gordon runs great at these two upcoming tracks.
    A win at Homestead, the last race and the final Chase Track.. I’d love to see Gordon take the race and The Championship in one fail swoop!! It’s a long season though and as Jack said.. Gordon isn’t the ‘Wonder~Boy’ he once was… He is now the ‘Super~Man’ that has to be reckoned with .. Week in.. week out.. Except for these stinkin’ long drawn out off weeks!!

  3. noydbyj says:

    The only way JG wins at Homestead is the way Carl did last year. If you’re leading the points, you try to lead a lap and and settle in and not get caught up in anything. Carl, on the other hand, had to go all out, try to lead every lap, win the race, and hope for help from JJ to get the title.

    If you’re out of the championship running, you try your best to stay out of the way and use it as a test session for the next year. Try to win, of course, but you won’t be taking crazy risks that might catch the guys who have a chance.

  4. Red Zone says:

    Sure he can. He used to be not very good at Lowe’s Speedway in the fall, then he won. The same with Rockingham in the fall, but he won that race too. He can win there…he and his team have to have it in there head that they will win the race. A run for the championship will give them that extra boost of confidence they need to get it done.

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