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I got an Idea!!!!!!!!!…..

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April 2009
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Dale Jr said he thought that NASCAR should add more short tracks, WONDERFUL idea !!!!!!

Well how about we take it one step more…….Dale Jr. you go out and buy a short track, then…… tell Brian France something like “ Yo….. Here it is here, I want a date for this race track I just bought, and I want them on these certain dates, and that’s how it needs to be.” Because should Brian not be open to discussion on this topic, Dale Jr, just stop NASCAR from using his image, name and likeness. Stop going to NASCAR events races and all. Now do you really, really think Brian France could hold out? No Way!!!!!!! he will bow to Dale Jr ……Dale Jr will get his dates and old Bruton “Don Rickles “ Smith will get mad.

Now really think about this, If Dale Jr. who the France family has been in hock to for years, decided he wanted to try track ownership, do you really think that anyone could really stop him from getting the dates? I don’t think so……

It could be really big for the way things are done in NASCAR. Really who has the “juice” in this outfit? Is it the France family or is it Jr. Nation????? Makes you wonder don’t it?

But ………. I must wake up from this dream, it is just a fog….. a dream? Really? And to think that I thought it could really happen………..

Next Blog with answer a couple questions I have gotten , then we look at the next race in the desert…

C-ya at the races…

the dr.



  1. noydbyj says:

    How in the heck did scheduling work in the days before the SMI/ISC war? Tracks went on and off the schedule year after year. Were there fights about this? How did Big Bill (or Bill Jr) work it out before Bruton started imposing his will?

    And (possibly most importantly), do you have to have a first name that starts with B to exert real authority in NASCAR (with all due respect to Mike Helton)?

  2. Little E~Big M fan says:

    Well well well dr……you may be dreaming (or being sarcastic) but I think it is a superb idea (seriously)…….Jr won’t do it because he will not deal with the bs and the BS and the BF…LOL
    Honestly if he did buy a track, this idea could fly & fly well.

  3. Fletch346 says:

    I think with small tracks… ‘If you build it they will come.’ But, there needs to be something unique built & not another road course. If anything similar to a road course then is used i’d propose the configuration they use at Daytona for the 24 Hours ROLEX Race. I do like proposing my high banked tri-angular 3/4-1 mile Pocono style track tho.

  4. Shynloco says:

    Surprise Surprise! I’m going to agree 100% with the dr. this time! The only downside to such a deal is that I believe Jr. already has enough on his plate right now. Thats one of the issues I’ve seen with drivers over the years as it appears to be that when drivers start to “diversify” and get too darn busy, their performance on the track goes south. Now it would be great for locals if there were more short tracks (and by the way I personally enjoy larger tracks and even road courses more) but as we all know, short track racing is the basis for much of NASCAR success. Now it would be nice if more of the wealthier drivers follow Tony Stewart’s lead and cough up some $$$ and give some of the boys and fans more places to go to take in the sport we all follow and love. Great points by everybody on this issue!

  5. SLY 1 says:

    LOL dr I think you’ve hit on something , we should send this idea to Jr,and to the France family and see where it goes = other than the waste bucket..LMAO good one dr

  6. jbcom says:

    Dr. you are right that France would kiss Jr.s butt because he is the unqualified poster boy of Nascar but as Shynloco stated a distraction would hurt his already sub par performance! Great read as usual………..

  7. Red Zone says:

    Watch out there Dr. David Poole will infiltrate your blog and use this idea as his own. Either him or Bruton Smith who will capitalize on Junior Nation.

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