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What A Weekend of Racin!

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April 2009
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Wow! What a weekend of racing!! lots of things I want to share, been really hard the past few days to even get on line but now we are…oh anyway…..

Mark Martin wins in the desert!! He put a whuppin on them last night, showed just what he still had to offer, and it was so cool to see so Many drivers show up in victory lane to shake Martins hand…. EVEN Jack Roush came by, like him or hate him that was a class move on the part of the “kat in the hat”. Points moved around a little but it ain’t what I want you to know about,

From his website

April 18, 2009 – Kellen hit the track for the first time in ’09 in his powerful Super Late Model to compete with the Western Dirtcar Allstars at Chowchilla, a track Kellen has ran many times in his Modified.  Kellen has been very successful competing with the Western Dirtcar Allstars, and on Saturday night he continued that success.  Finishing second in his heat race, earned him a spot in the Dash.  The finish order of the dash determines the starting lineup for the feature, as well as some extra cash.  Kellen would win the dash and start on the pole for the A Main.  With a dry track, Kellen would jump out to the lead at the drop of the green flag and would go on to lead every lap, picking up the $2,000 victory.

This was his first win since his bad accident last Feb. were he suffered broken vertebrae’s in his neck and back.

From 2/25/08

Update on Kellen at 4:15pm 02/25/2008. The doctors have put a feeding tube in Kellen to help with nutrition since he is basically in a medical coma until after the surgeries are over.

Another surgeon is coming over from another hospital to do the surgery on his damaged artery in the back of his head. They are hoping to do that tonight. “

And for him to come back and show them how good he still is.

And Kenny Schrader runs out of gas with 3 laps to go in the arca race and giving the win to Scott Caisse driving for Ventrini Motorsports with Billy Ventrinini jumping up and down on the pit box ! Schrader dominated the race in his 52 car, flat showing them the way around “:the rock”.

But the interview with Billy Ventrini was pretty good, He thanked his family and crew before he started with the sponsor list! Atta boy Billy!!!

Now in the Cup race last night there were some pretty interesting calls being made some made crew chiefs look like hero’s…. and some looked like zeros…. 2 tires or 4?…….. track position or be fast? …………track bar up or down?…… pressure up or down?…. lot s to think about. But a BIG tip of the hat to Mark Martin and the 5 car crew good job guys!!!

c-ya at the races!

The dr.



  1. jbcom says:

    No rain,mechanical failure or tires blowing causing wrecks and Mark gets a win. Solid qualifying all year and now he is sitting just outside the chase window looking in. If he continues to avoid bad luck watch him to be a player in the chase. All I have to say about Kellan is WOW !!!! Little over a year later and the kid is back behind the wheel and picking up where he left off……dominating.. Great story Dr. and great read as usual!

  2. Jack says:

    Thank you for a feel good story. We need this type of story every now and then. Somebody upstairs was watching over this guy.

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