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Changes, they are a comin!

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April 2009
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Ok it has started, ….changes.. crew members , crew chief’s.. whats next drivers?

Ben Leslie will replace Todd Parrott on the 96 car of Bobby Labonte, that may not be a good choice, unless Labonte and Parrott just can’t get along or communicate.

,Richard Childress Racing’s #07 Jack Daniel’s crew will become the #29 Shell-Pennzoil crew, and vice versa, immediately following this weekend’s race at Talladega Super speedway. Crew chief Gil Martin and his crew will move to the #29 team with driver Kevin Harvick while Todd Berrier and his crew will take over the #07 team with driver Casey Mears. In addition to the crew chiefs, the transition will include car chiefs, engineers, shock specialists, engine tuners, tire specialists, mechanics, transporter drivers and over-the-wall pit crews. Now this one may work, Gil Martin is a good top of the box man….but so is Berrier, and this shake up just may fix some of the things wrong at RCR.

Capt. Thunder reported that HMS was going to swap the 5 and 8 car crew chief’s,

A few years ago Jr. Nation was calling Dale Jr the “pied piper” because when they went to the super speedways if Dale Jr pulled out everyone was fighting to get in line behind him. But now drivers are looking to stay away from him..I know lots of people think I hate Dale Jr, I don’t I really like him a lot more than I ever did his dad, but I am really starting to think he just don’t have it, look at it this way, a few years ago he was sitting pretty at DEI and he had the best cars money could buy, he won a few races, but the times “they are a changing” and Dale Jr felt his cars were no longer what they once were, so the grass looked greener on the other side of the fence, so he jumped ship and went to HMS, once again he was sitting in the best that money could buy, a team with multiple championships, but what has he done? Zip, Nada, nothing, zero! Sorry but Jr is really going to have to step up and show he is a force to content with, changing crew chief’s isn’t going to make him a better driver, now think about this make the same guy who couldn’t get Kyle Busch to vicotry lane is now going to get Dale Jr there? Alen Guefustons or how ever you spell it….yeah right, and like Eury Jr. is going to tell Mark Martin anything he don’t already know. Mark calls all his own changes on pit stops, he don’t tell the crew chief “oh its tight here or there, ” and wait for the crew chief to make the call, nope Mark Martin is more like” give me 1 1/2 turns down on track bar and 1lb of air on right side, ” he takes that on him self, so would it work “if” it were to happen? YES it would!!!! for Mark Martin….but not for Dale Jr. Dale needs more than a Crew chief change, but you know, why is it I don’t hear Jr. Nation hollering about Jr getting 3rd rate equipment this year? few years ago it was ” oh his motors ain’t as good as everyone else’s,let him get a good motor and he will win!” well now he has the same stuff as the 48 and the 24 and the 5… what’s up?

We are now headed to Talladega, and them PETA fools need to take a Valium or something…. Protesting at a NASCAR event? Are they insane? Talk about out of the frying pan into the fire…..go to a part of the world that is like the Meat eating capital of the world…… Well we will see how this works out, it should be entertaining…….

c-ya at the races..

the dr.



  1. jbcom says:

    Right on the $$$$ DR. Jr. is over rated and his head is not in the game. Much better personality than the old man but not even in the same league when it comes to talent. Peta/FOOLS ….again right on the money but that is an entirely different blog spot! Great read as usual Dr.


  2. Jack says:

    dr. I think I am falling in love LOL Loved reading every word about Jr. I loved the line about Kyle but I would say you knew that when it was written. Another great job by the dr.

  3. Shynloco says:

    I’m backkkkkkkkkkkk! Jr may well be sitting in equipment that is the best money can bye. But even if you take the best equipment, if it isn’t fine tuned, it isn’t working to it’s potential. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Eury Jr. is NOT the best money can buy and Jr and he are flatly on the wrong page much too often. I’d love to see what Chad Knause would do with Jr and his car. I absolutely believe Eury Jr has not figured out the COT for Jr’s driving style. Everybody can continue to bad mouth Jr all you want and lay blame on him. Sure he’s been driving lately with his head up his ass, but his cars have also been extremely inconsistent and terrible. Eury is flat not takin care of business. Just because we’re heading to the Super Speedway at Talledega, I’m not convince right now that Jr will do any better if his car is not set up correctly for him and that track. Bottom line, he’s running out of time and options. We all know it ain’t the equipment and the Pit Crew. Only two major cogs left. Jr and Eury. I’m betting the weakness of the two is Eury Jr.

  4. SLY 1 says:

    Well here we go,they get him on T&R,they get him in blogs,now the dr gets hin on here-you guys can say what you want,myself I think he hasn’t come into his own YET,the fact that you have a PUKE like Busch running everybody down,and PUSSY Johnson with his 3 peet,well they don’t show me squat,,LUCKY is the word.I think he’s tring to damn hard
    to plese the boss,there for f-ing up.

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