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A New Winner!!!

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April 2009
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I guess I am going to have to learn how to spell another name….. Brad Keselowski

What a race yesterday, there has been tons of speculation, regarding how the last few laps played out and what should have been done or who should of done this or that, well HORSEFEATHERS!!!. “kes” got him a win and that is that, I was more concerned with the “big one” with 7 laps on the board. I see lots of comments about the 17 causing it, hear the ignorant announcers blaming the 17, now let me say this, although drivers drive looking in the mirror, it is not required, the 24 car put himself in that spot and paid the price, along with taking out a bunch of good cars. I am not going to rag on Gordon for his actions but in the race I saw, it wasn’t the 17 car that caused that crash.

Oh one other thing I did notice, in one of the replays I saw of the finish, when it shows the 99 and the 09 coming to the line, soon as contact was made, the 09 car was turning the wheel to the right into the rear quarter of the 99 car, did he mean to turn him? Watch the tape, Kes moves up the track as contact is made …Don’t know, don’t matter. But I seen it. And I will be making a note of it…….

Next issue I have this week……… where are all the Tony Eury Jr. haters now? Come on …. lets hear it,… now I expect the response will be, “oh that is Talladega you don’t need a good car to win there,” just another reason to not give the man credit for doing what he has always done….. a damn good job!

Now David Ragan has impressed me this weekend, there has been some comments by the ignorant announcers stating that he caused a big wreck on Saturday, that he put the bumper to his team mate Kennseth and caused the flip, well the way I seen it Ragan was racing, he was trying to get to the front, and the 16 car came down across the front of the 6 car, I guess they think the 16 car had some super duper brakes and he should of stopped when his team mate slid down across the nose of the 6 car…. yeah right… good job David Ragan. Your big win will come soon.

I am starting to wonder about Richard Petty Mototsports… they had some issues and some motor woe’s….. more to come on the engine problems of RPM.

I also want to commend Carl Edwardss on his class act of running to the finish line and the way he handled himself after the race…. like him or hate him it was a class act period!

C-ya at the races…..

the dr.



  1. noydbyj says:

    Not to mention the fact that if you do let off (forget hitting the brakes) in a pack like that, you’ll get a stock car up your tailpipe, causing the big wreck anyway.

    I hate to say it’s just a racing deal (I’m especially talking about Saturday, not Sunday), but…well…it’s the nature of the beast.

  2. Jason says:

    I like Carl pretty good because most of the time in interviews, win or lose, he sounds like he’s out there racing to have a good time. When he wins he’s happy but when he loses his attitude is usually “Man, that didn’t work out at all!”

    Racing sure has improved at Talladega since they figured out how to drive the COT there. Can’t say that about many other tracks, but it’s definitely true there.

  3. FLETCH346 says:

    Well, at least we agree on one thing, Carl Edwards. And, yep, I was happy to see Brad K hold his line & get the win.
    Just wish Kenseth wouldve held his line. But, with the run Gordon had.. I guess he shouldve just pounded Kenseth from behind & called it a bump draft.

  4. Red Zone says:

    We haven’t really seen a veteran hold his line like Kes did on Sunday coming to the checker. Veterans have had it ingrained in their head that you can’t go down below the yellow line and their reaction may normally be to go down there to avoid a crash. Kes held his and got the win after Edwards went flying. I hate it that Edwards got airborn, fans got hurt and Newman almost had an Edwards as a front seat passenger on the wreck.

  5. Shynloco says:

    Ok dr…let me be this first to provide your wish….at Talladega, you don’t need a great car to win and Eury Jr still needs to go! (See I’m rotten to the core! lol)
    And as for Kezelowski turning his wheel to the right, I too closely watched the video and what I see is Kez keeping his wheels and car straight until the 99 comes down on him and and then the wheels turn slight to the right so he can keep from spinning left. From my view, Kez absolutely did the right thing when Edwards realized he’d done screwed up by letting Kez get his nose alongside side his left rear quarterpanel. I like Carl Edwards, but he got what he deserved (and I don;t mean the flight through air and into Newman and the retaining fence). Kez flat out outduelled Edwards this time. But the one thing I’d like to hear straight up from the DRIVERS and not from all the “experts”. Just what the heck was Carl complaining about in the post race interview? I’ve thus far only heard Newman’s comments about improving the flaps to try and keep the cars from going airborne. Its great and all to snivel, but lets hear some constructive snivelin! My feeling is that Carl wouldn’t have been singing this tune if he’s won that race. All we would have heard was the brilliant strategy on him and Crew’s Chief part. But in all fairness, they almost pulled it off except for the X factor = Brad Kezelsowski!

  6. Red Zone says:

    Shyn, you’re right about Carl not saying anything if he won the race. That would have met he wouldn’t have got airborn and into the fence. The blocking and coming down on Kes would have been irrevelant along with any post race gripes about rules and safety issues.

  7. Little E ~ Big M fan says:

    I agree with many of the comments……except I didn’t see any snivelling on Carl’s part…..I was so impressed with him……and any driver would say something different if they win to what they say if they almost win.
    As for Eury….well this one turned out ok….need lots more than that to even consider reconsidering him LOL

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