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Changes according to the dr.

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April 2009
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Rule changes I would like to see……….. First off let me say I have read the rule book (as I have so many others) and I have studied it in depth, but due to legal reasons I can not quote, reproduce, or cite precise excerpts from the book, but I will work around that,basically it says “The engine, must be a carbureted V-8 with an iron block. NASCAR places strict limits, for instance, on how engine cylinders are bored — (that is, how they’re made larger by removing material.) NASCAR also requires teams to use blocks, cylinders and intake manifolds made from castings of approved manufacturers. The mandatory Car of Tomorrow design, standardizes engines even further. “ More on that later….

Code-named “FR9,” this new piece is the first purpose-built NASCAR racing engine to ever come out of Ford Motor Company. Ford will not release how much they have spent on R&D the “SB2”(small block second generation) Chevy engine is the same way, and I am sure the new Dodge engine that is phasing in this year has been in development for some time and has unknown amounts spent on it as well, the money spent on these motors so they can make 800 HP for 4 or 5 hours is beyond belief, so they are not going to be real happy about any rule that will require a change to the engines they now use. I mean for example, Richard Childress Racing (RCR) has been using Geomagic Studio software from Raindrop Geomagic, Research Triangle Park, N.C. (, and Parametric Technology Corp.’s Pro/Engineer, Needham, Mass. ( to further the design and development’s of the SB2 motor creating digital versions of the engine in AUTO-CAD so refinements and modifications can be made faster. (RCR may not be happy for me telling everyone what they are doing…. yeah right)

I bring all this up because it is the direction NASCAR needs to go to solve the issues. Look back they have tried to slow the cars with “aerodynamics’s” and it didn’t work, those hoaky ass spoilers they stuck on the roof a few years ago, (like you still see on the Nationwide cars at super speedway tracks). Oh these were supposed to be the stuff! But did they work? Nope not a bit. Back in the 80’s when Bill Elliott was smoking the rest of the teams, they tried lowering the Chevies and raising the fords …. did that work? Nope it didn’t either.

So what can they do to slow the cars down but still give the fans good racing????

NASCAR came from the dirt tracks of the south, so they need to go back to the dirt tracks to get the answer. It is called “Crate Motors”. Sealed engines bought from authorized builders who pay a fee to be on the list of official engine suppliers to the various teams. On dirt you can have a complete power train for less than $10,000.00. Not bad compared to the top late model teams who spend upwards of $50,000.00 for motors, but the racing is just as competitive as the big motor cars, even more so on lots of handling tracks. Now I am not saying that NASCAR should mandate crate engines but they could follow some of the guidelines used to put these motors together.(useless trivia……… what is the difference between a motor and an engine? Answer later ) such as lower compression some are as high as 15.5:1 now, that means the engines have to be really well put together with the very best parts available,or more $$$$$, now with a say 10:1 motor you could skimp just a bit on these engines, there are crate engines I have seen run a full 3 seasons with just a minor freshening up during the off season, now before you say “but those aren’t nascar engines” your right but a Saturday night racer puts his motors thru tons more abuse that a NASCAR team does trust me….anyway back to my point…….

Another way to drop the speeds is rev limiter chips installed by nascar, this is a device that limits the RPM’s of the engine by killing the fire to every other cylinder in the firing order once a threshold RPM has been hit. This along with mandated gearing would cut the cost, lower the speeds and still give you good racing. Contrary to popular belief you don’t have to have 200mph to have a good race.

So lets look at the dr’s changes just in engine rules;

  1. lower compression ratio’s

  2. NASCAR mandated rev limiter chips

  3. NASCAR mandated rear gear selection

WOW cut cost for teams AND lower speeds! What a novel concept.

Now other things that should be looked at,

1) Please get rid of that HIDEOUS rear spoiler……PLEASE!

  1. Take away the “coil bind “ setup, that will help take some of the twitchiness out of the cars in big packs, and it makes the teams work on shocks and springs and an new thing….”racing lines” without the “coil bind” setup this will make a roaring comeback!.

  2. Take away some of the down force and stop trying to make a “indy car” out of them so what it’s harder to drive.. it is racing fools!

  3. Outlaw bump drafting….. first it was only allowed in the straight aways now its all the way around the track it has to stop somewhere.

I know some of these are never going to happen, but if just a few of the suggestions on engines would be at least considered I think it would bring back the safety and good racing, it can be done but someone has to think outside of the box.

Well I can’t say I have all the answers but the way it looks to me something has to be done, and from the dr’s perspective this is how it should be done.

C-ya at the races!

The dr.



  1. Jason says:

    I don’t know that there is a good way to approach this. Seems to me like having everyone running the same crate engines (which they would, as soon as word got out which builders were the best) with the same rev limiters and the same gear setups would leave us right where we started, with the cars all bunched up together, and making the cars harder to handle would just guarantee more big wrecks and increase the chances of a driver being injured or killed.

    Rather than outlawing bump drafting, I think you’d do a lot better to outlaw (or at least limit) blocking. It’s one thing to scoot up to stop a car from coming around you on the outside, but when you’re all over the track trying to block three lanes at once like Kyle does, that’s when things get out of control. Put the kibosh on that and you’ll have better racing AND safer driving for all involved.

  2. Shynloco says:

    I believe all the drivers know there are presently rules in place against blocking. But in reality, everybody does it. I mean Kyle Busch took it to a new level at Talladega, but paid the price as did Carl Edwards. It is for that reason that I’d be super surprised to see NASCAR blackflag anybody for blocking.

    As to the dr’s clinic on engines, what amazes me is how those engines last those four races NASCAR has mandated each is supposed to last without a penalty of going to the rear of the field for having to change it. The RPM limits that those driver push it to is incredible. Now something I thought was already in place was the “Rev-Limiter chip”. I swear I’ve heard commentary about the chip being used, but am not sure if that’s in the Cup Series or elsewhere. Can you help me out with that dr?

    • drflavio309 says:

      they do use a chip in the rev limiter but I am refering to a “mandated setting by NASCAR ” at a specific rpm… everyone has the same thing.
      the dr.

  3. SLY 1 says:

    Sorry dr,I haven’t been answering your blogs of late,worrying about Anita’s health and up coming
    surgery,and JKs little lady,,,I have to Echo Shy’s
    remarks,I’v read your report on the engines,and for
    the life of me don’t know how these engines stay together.
    They bore the sobs to the very max,and beyond,as for the
    blocking goes BLACK FLAG THE MFrs,somebody is going to get killed yet,what Brad did was well within the limits,he did nothing wrong,Carl and dumbo both payed the price for it.
    comething needs to be done to stop this madness.^5 on your blog dr.

    • Red Zone says:

      Thanks for answering the questions I posed dr. I knew if anyone could come up with a solution you could. Just wish someone in Nascar would seriously look at your suggestions. They need to think outside the box but possibly “inside the crate….as in crate type motors.”

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