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David Poole…..RIP

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April 2009
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David Poole….

I have never met the man but I have to say I will sure miss him, Mr. Poole and I have bickered back and forth on issues regarding NASCAR, and he was a regular reader of my blog, him and I often differed on our views but he was a smart man who often wound people up. But he was a great writer, who had a way of making you feel you were there in his writing.

Lets keep his family in our prayers, a great in NASCAR, like him or not he will be missed……Thanks Mr. Poole for making me argue my point and for agreeing to disagree with long my friend.

C-ya at the races some day in heaven…

the dr.



  1. jbcom says:

    Showin your heart,faith and class as usual Dr. Now we know(if we didn’t already) that we can rile ya up,argue with you and still stay in your good

  2. Red Zone says:

    I had sent Poole e-mails also through the Sirius Nascar Radio show “The Morning Drive.” Since he was a member of the media and a busy person, I never really expected a reply but I got one 90% of the time. Sometimes I would e-mail during the show and he would reply a short time later. I had been on the same flight as he was coming from Indy back to Charlotte after the Brickyard a couple of times. I never went up to him to talk to him but wished I did. He seemed pretty approachable but I didn’t want to bother him even though he would always been around 3 or other people talking. I know from listening to some of the show the last couple of days that his co-host, Mike Bagley is having a rough time dealing with the loss of his sidekick.

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