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May 2009
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Last week there was lots and I mean lots of talk about blocking in NASCAR, well there is another issue that really needs looking at, turning cars. As in on purpose. I saw more cars get not just nudged a little but slap turned! As in cut wheel hard to the right to make sure the other driver goes around. I think the pace car was the only car that Stremme and Hornish didn’t hit some way or the other. Hornish turned the 24 car pure and simple, now don’t holler “that’s racin” it ain’t. When you get into someone then check up and let them go … that’s racin. But when you turn your wheel to the right enough to make your car jump right into the rear quarter panel, well that is call “wallin a car”. In the race I watched, Hornish and Stremme both used the “chrome horn” to work their way thru the field. Both drivers were see using the “right turn of the wheel” to get by drivers. Stremme wound up 38th after being caught up in an accident(wow imagine that) You know when my spell check hits on Stremme’s name it offers “extreme” as an alternative spelling……) and Hornish had a great run going running as high as 2nd and 3rd but finished 6th. The 14 of Tony “ I am back in a Chevy” Stewart looked really good running strong all night long and coming home 2nd. His team mate, Ryan Newman also had a great run for Stewart/Haas bringing the 39 car home in 4th. And how about Jeff Burton? Up against the wall early on but raced his way back to 3rd! Good job by the RCR team. The mad Aussie had a great run in 11th, JPM run pretty fast most of the night hanging out round the back 10 or 15 spots but brought a 10th place home, not bad not bad at all.

I am really worried about the boys over at RPM. Hearing thru the grapevine that the engine program is not going well over there, ( Kahne slipped to 17th in points after his dismall finish Saturday night.)and that there are some unhappy drivers…..hummmmm more details when I get ’em,.

Also heard that Ford Exec’s were seen leaving a “certain” Dodge team’s office this past week. Roger Penske told a http://ESPN.Com/ reporter that ““Chrysler guys contacted us and said they were going to continue to support NASCAR,” said Penske, the owner of Penske Racing and several Chrysler dealerships. “Hopefully, they can do that based on what the government allows them to do. We’re cautiously optimistic right now.'” Yeah sure Roger sure…….”

With GM on the slippery slope and Chrysler filing for Bankruptcy who is going to be left? Ford and Toyota? Well the Toyota engine sure looks like a Ford anyway….

And since I want to try and be fair to all….. Happy Birthday to Kyle Busch on his “birthday win”.

C-ya at the races.

The dr.



  1. Jason says:

    Any idea how much Chrysler spends on its NASCAR program per year? At any rate it might not be so much as what the government lets them spend as what Fiat lets them spend.

  2. Red Zone says:

    An article in our local paper expounded more on Penske and Dodge. It said that Penske is good friends with the guy that runs Chrysler. Loyalty and friendship may go a long way with Penske Racing. It’s about time for him to change makes anyway. Over the course of time in Nascar, Penske has run about every make except for maybe Chevy and Toyota….yet.

  3. FLETCH346 says:

    Yep! I noticed that Stremme was involved in everything except the flyover before the race! It was pure B.S. as to how he was treating this race like something i’d see run on an XBOX360 Short Track Race.
    I was happy with the outcome.. Letarte rolled the dicae & lost honestly & Kyle Busch won one hoestly by not wrecking anyone to do it…

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