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Records are going to fall!

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May 2009
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May 17th 2009 will be a day that stands as a day in history. Some one is going after a record that has stood for 22 years, a record that was set by a trio of brothers from Dawsonville Ga.. The current NASCAR top speed record sits at 212.089 mph and was set by Bill Elliot at Talladega Superspeedway in a 1987 Ford Thunderbird. Well this coming Wednesday the record will fall. And the guy who is going after the record?? None other than “Mr. Awesomeville from Dawsonville” Bill Elliott.

Thats right this coming Wednesday Bill Elliott will climb into Brent Hajek’s E85 powered Mustang, in NASCAR trim, and take to the high banks of Talldega Super Speedway in Talladega Alabama. Bill has been keeping himself busy with a part time ride for the Wood Brothers famed 21 NASCAR Ford, and directing his son, Chase’s racing career. He is also working with a few drivers in his driver development program. But this week he is going after his own record. Think about it 212.089 mph …..can he go faster? You bet your Maverick he can the Hajek Motorsports prepared Mustang has already went 252 at Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, so I don’t see any problem with him getting the new record, the real question is how much will he best it by?

Brent Hajek owns Hajek Motorsports ( he made his money in oil and farming, and now he is making his mark in motorsports history, why not he owns most of the Ford record holders already why not set another record and own another piece of history?

The Elliott’s shop in Dawsonville Ga. Is the place where all the action is happening this week end as the crews get ready for the trip down to ‘bama. Rumor has it that Bill is thrilled to get this ride. So we will see come this Thursday…

Now lets get ready for Darlington….

C-ya at the races.

The dr.


  1. […] Original post by drflavio309 […]

  2. FLETCH346 says:

    dr., to your knowledge, is this thing gonna be televised?

  3. Jason says:

    Didn’t Rusty Wallace pretty well shatter that record a few years back, testing out some new radio with the restrictor plate off to make sure they worked at ludicrous speed?

  4. Amazing! We are THRILLED about this and hope it goes down in history. Nothing like a mustang! 😀

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