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Darlington Notes….

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May 2009
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Darlington shows why it deserves a race!!! great race, although it left me wondering about a few things……Lets look at just a few of them,

1)While cars were spinning all over the place, NASCAR who usually throws a yellow for a Kleenex on the track was turning a blind eye….. Biffle spun and no yellow, Hornish spun all the way down the front stretch and no yellow, were the officials in the booth watching the Simpson’s or what?

2)What was up with all the spins on pit road? Good God everybody and their brother spun on pit road … the 48, the 44 (who’s crew performed the pit stop like the car was pointing the right way… a tip of the hat to them for not getting shaken)

And David Stremme……just bowed up and stopped on the track right in front of the 9 car who had been leading for like 40 laps til he made a stop for 4 tires when others took 2 so he got mired back in the pack, then he turns slap to the right to keep from hitting “stupid Stremme” and the 9 car spent the rest of the night mired in the back running just as fast as the leaders, the best run Kahne has had in a while. I knew David Stremme was trouble last year when he bought half of the dirt car team of Randy “dream” Weaver, the as posted on Randy’s website…”The D&R Motorsports team has unfortunately cut all ties with David Stremme Racing (DSR), as of Tuesday, June 3. The team is saddened to report that the financial commitment promised to them by DSR was not fulfilled and as a result, the #116 team will no longer be affiliated with DSR. All logos in reference to DSR have been pulled from the website and no sponsor will adorn the quarter-panels of the #116 car as of now. “

Now why buy something you cant pay for? Why mess up a dirt team who left good sponsors to join forces with DSR (David Stremme Racing)? We all know dirt is very near and dear to the dr’s heart and for him to do a good driver like Randy Weaver like that…. . You can check out Randy Weaver at

Last week Stremme hit everything at the race track except the pace car, or as a dear friend said “only thing he didn’t hit was the planes in the fly over”(thanks Fletch), jeez the guy is trying to impress his boss I know, but to hit ,bank off of, or destroy all the cars he comes to is not how you get to the top of the Cup series… ok enough on David “stupid” Stremme.

3)Look at the race the newly formed Stewart/Haas team had!!! man both cars looked good and Ryan Newman lead at times and was strong all night, Tony come on really strong at the close and the team had 2 really good finishes.

It was good to see Mark Martin win , his comments in Victory lane cracked me up he said” I always,always,always run out of gas, and tonight, I don’t know how much is left but we never sucked air!” toward the end the 48 who started in a back up due to him spinning out and hammering the wall in qualifying was running the 5 of Martin down but he came on the radio and told his crew chief “we ain’t got anything for the 5 car” Kesolowski in the 25 HMS car this week had a very good run of 7th to show he ain’t no fluke!

The 19 of Elliott Sadler had a great run of 14th but he was strong toward the end, just faded the last few laps. The win moved Martin up from 15th to 11th in points, Gordon holds a 24 point lead over Tony Stewart, Newman,Biffle and Kenseth all moved up in points, while Edwards and Bowyer dropped. Edwards now sits in 12th in points.

More on the Mayfield suspension for violation of the drug policy coming …

Over all it was a decent night of racing, stay tuned for more this week on the Record breaking run of NASCAR champion Bill Elliott’s record attempt coming on Wednesday of this week.

C-ya at the races…

the dr.


  1. FLETCH346 says:

    Great BLOG dr… I do believe tonight Kahne started hitting his ‘1/3rd season stride’ with the run he was having. I look for him to take off like he did this time last year.

    As we all know, Stewart is the ‘man of summer’ but he’s definitely getting a jump on the season by the way he’s running & will be a very tough contender to beat in The Chase. Newman is doing everything except kicking himself for jumping to The Stewart/HAAS Team, i’m both surprised & impressed with what they’ve both accomplished thus far.

    Mark Martin is coming on WAAAY strong & looking like he did when he raced & won all of those races in The Busch Serries years ago. I think i’ll start referring to him as ‘The Old Charger’ because that old man is charging his way to the front & the more momentum he & his team gains..the better they get, which wins races & Championships.

    Tonight Stremme hit everything except the Goodyear Blimp & got in everyone’s way even more than Reutimann the last 20 laps (why did NASCAR even let him stay on the track? DW had something to do with it…im sure of it). Im sure by that time The Simpson’s were over & they were 1/2 way through a ‘Famoly Guy’ episode!

    Great runs for everyone at HMS except for Jr.’s usual late race meltdown. A NOTE: HMS Crews, all of them, had their turns at making major blunders on Pit Row tonight. But they showed why they are the teams to beat by the way they overcame their Pit shortfalls, barring one.

    Rookies Logano & BradLowski had impressive nights.. KUDOS to them & their teams.

    All in all it was a great race & enjoyable to watch. But, I can’t stop ignoring the fact that out front is where you want to be.. Even Martin’s 2 tires were better than Stewart’s & Gordon’s 4 tires while out front. COT just loves that clean fresh air…

    It was good seeing Martin win at The Black Lady That’s Too Tough To Tame… Just guess it takes an old man with experience & the balls to get the job done there.

  2. Red Zone says:

    Great wrap up there Dr. Jeff Gordon gets caught a lap down and then spends a 1/3 of it trying to get back up front. Once he gets the lap back, he surges to a top 5. That’s pretty amazing. JImmie Johnson starts 42 and drives to 2nd. That includes a spin on pit road. Hendrick’s stuff sweeps the top 5 with his own cars and Stewart-Haas.

  3. Shynloco says:

    Great post dr! I was SUPER happy for Mark Martin this week as well as Kyle Busch during the Cup Race! And since you covered some of the IDIOTS in NASCAR, let me put my 2 cents in about Jeremy Mayfield….couldn’t have happened to a bigger JERK! I was pretty much neutral about Mayfield as a driver until he started badmouthing Ray Evernham and blaming his inability to win on Ray’s personal relationship with Erin Crocker, the former Craftsman Truck driver. Ray was FAR MORE of a person and of import to NASCAR than Mayfield ever was! Now I wonder who Mayfield is gonna blame for his taking DOPE, that jackass. Hope those comments weren’t too harse for such an upstanding person!

  4. SLY 1 says:

    Well dr, I didn’t get to see the race but your blog sure did bring me up to date on it.Yeah some times the Nascar Officals can’t see beyond their ass’s, it’s a shame the #9
    didn’t do better, but as you guys say -thats racin.
    Thanks for the update,, SLY 1

  5. Little E~Big M fan says:

    Good reading there dr…..good comments from the gang too..there are only a few drivers that I would love to slap up side the head and Stremme is at the top of that list….he does not deserve his ride…..loved the quote from Fletch about Stremme hitting everything except the planes flying over…..that pretty much says it all.

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