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In memory of Mary Kenny….

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May 2009
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One of my very first readers and a very very dear friend, JK has lost his beloved wife, she passed away last night. I have never had the honor of meeting this woman or this man but he has become a very dear friend with his constant praise and encouragement for my writing, in this time of turmoil in his life I want to take just a moment and offer this post here on “top of the box” as my tribute to her.

I know as she watches us from up above she will be smiling at all the love that has been sent her way and how many people truly love her husband she left here and in her final days on this earth she worried about him more than herself, she will be happy to know that we may not love him as only she could …. there are enough of us we love him pretty good, and we will look after him til you two meet again…..

We will miss you Mary….

the dr.



  1. SLY 1 says:

    I knew there was a reason I love ya dr.

  2. FLETCH346 says:

    Great tribute dr… Although I’ve never met JK or his beloved wife.. Im definitely saddened about losing ‘one of the crew’… Much love & prayers going out to JK during his time of need.

  3. Float-Jay says:

    My heart felt prayers to you JK.
    Never met JK, but he befriended me when I first came on T &R.
    Know that I’m thinking about you! Jay

  4. Little E~Big M fan says:

    Well done dr….you said it just like a friend would….down to earth and with lots of love…..amazing how the attachements grow for online friends…..RNF is 1 1/2 yrs old and JK has been there and very active for about 1 year….JK has a tough road ahead of him….I cannot imagine the depth of his loss….but he has the love and support from the RNFers….which is strong, heartfelt and never wavering.
    As a single person, who has yet to accomplish this……I know that JK was truly blessed to have had such a great partner in life for so long. ^5 to you JK….^5 to the dr for writing this….and ^5 to RNF, whose intials truly stand for “Real Nascar Friends”.

  5. jbcom says:

    Very nice Dr. JK is very lucky to have friends like you guys.JK my prayers are with you and to say any more would just be repeating what these great folks have already expressed.Just know that God is with you,especially in these difficult times. John

  6. Shynloco says:

    Nicely said dr. Simply, my hopes and prayers are with JK at this difficult time. Yet as we celebrate Mary’s life, I know the promise of the Lord Jesus Christ is true and will sooth and carry JK and his family. God Bless my friend!

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