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The dr’s Notes from the All-Star Race…..

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Sorry this is kind of late had issues and couldn’t get this to post…. but he it is…. the dr.

Notes from the all-star race….

I got a few things I would like to address, like the class act that was shown by Kasey Kahne for his crew, ….. during driver introductions Saturday night all the drivers came out waved to the fans and headed down the walk way…. not Kahne… he stood on stage and high 5’ed each of his crew as they made their way out. He then waited for all of them to make their way down the ramp before he went down…. just the little things……

The new format was a bit confusing… I liked what two of this sports greats had to say about the format on a round table discussion on speed channel the other night, Ray Evernham said they should put sprinklers in turn 3 and 4 since thats where the water was that caused the big pile up a few years ago and Jeff Gordon pulled a back up car off the trailer and won the race……. Bill Elliott had a little better take on it he said” they should have the crew chiefs set up other drivers cars…….” like have Knaus set up Joey Lagano’s car… that would be kind of neat don’t ya think?

On to the race…

the 77 of Sam Hornish Jr. won the showdown walking away…… it was sad how big a lead he had over McMurrary in the 26, the other Penske car of David stremme lead early but faded to a very distant 3rd, and Joey Lagano got the fan’s vote into the big show…..

*I really don’t want to bad mouth the 18 car……. but………Friday night he turned Colin Braun in the truck race while Braun was leading…. Busch’s left front into the right rear of Braun, Busch said he didn’t see him!!!??? where was he looking? He started the incedent that sent the 9 car into the wall knocking the toe out for the night, he started the melee that took out the rocket ship fast cars of Jeff Gordon and Ryan Newman, so it was kind of sweet to watch him struggle as cars were passing him in the waning laps of the all star race. He finished 7th after leading 55 laps.

But at the end it was the 17 of Kennseth and the 14 of Tony Stewart who had the rest of the field covered, the 17 got the lead with like 5 t6ogo and he just sat and watched at the 14 of Stewart sailed by and on to the win. The second time a owner driver has won the all star race, Geoff Bodine was the first. But a big tip of the hat to the 14 team winning for the first time after Gene Haas got out of the pokey…. and giving Tony Stewart his first win as an owner. Good Job!!!!

On the most recent drama it is the drug testing thing with Jeremy Mayfield and NASCAR, now bear in mind this is the same driver who told Roger Penske that if he had the same stuff as the other drivers at Penske he would win too, Roger showed him the door, he lands at Evernham in the 19 car and he was lack luster there too until he brought out the dirty laundry about Ray Evernham and Erin Crocker, ray showed him the door too…. so now here is Mayfield out of a ride and out of racing for almost 2 years, suddenly he pops back up at Daytona with a new team and high hopes, fails to make the next few races after racing his way into the 500. Then we fast forward to Darlington where he gets the word of his dirty test he took the week before, Mayfiled says it was Claritin D and some over the counter drug that caused the positive result, NASCAR wouldn’t say what drug it was so then the war of words started…. he said she said, all that crap, now NASCAR siad “it was either a “performance enhancing drug or a recreational drug”, Mayfiled says noone every told him why he fialed the test, NASCAR says they told him 3 times… who do we believe? Mayfield said he may pursue legal action…. didn’t he tell Ray Evernham the same thing????

More shake ups at RPM more in a day or two!!!

C-ya at the races

the dr.


  1. FLETCH346 says:

    Pretty cool… I’ve got the truck on cruise control & im reading the dr.’s blog & commenting as I roll thru Bristol.
    Gordon did the same thing during driver intros & I thought it was cool.

    dr., you know my views on BabyJackasss.. Even tho I was 8 pints in the wind…I still remember calling you & chatting.. haha!

    Mayfield is a loser & always has been. When he first started racing he was cheating on his wife…he was bangin my ex-wife’s best friend.. right then I knew he was a schmuck.

    From here on out Tony will be the one to beat, IMO.

  2. FLETCH346 says:

    sad note.. I always looked forward to rolling down I-81 & seeing the #4 Morgan McClure shop, the haulers & cars out front.. All gone except one small trailer with the HEFTY N’Wide car on the side.

  3. Shynloco says:

    I’m likin these posts dr. I really enjoyed the AllStar race and liked the format. I’m not super fond of the 77 car and was not surprised he couldn’t do squat in the big race. I also noted that the fans voted in Joey Logano which suggests a sutble message that NASCAR fans aren’t that wild about seeing Open Wheel drivers coming into NASCAR (the 44 car – AJ)

    As for the 51 Truck (aka: 18 Car)I’ve grown tired of little Kyle and his excuses for doing to others what he bitches about being done to him. He’s a very talented driver but boy does he have a long way to go in maturing.

    AS for Jeremy Mayfield, as the good dr has pointed out, he has a long history of MFing previous owners who’ve given that worthless piece of dung an opportunity to drive in the big show. He’s also returned the favor with mediocre performances and actually won I think only one race in the top series (correct me if I’m wrong dr). Now he’s AH deep in crap of his own making. He’d be no loss to motorsports or NASCAR if he got a lifetime ban. I admit I’m biased because of the grief he caused Ray Evernham, arguably one of the most gifted Crew Chiefs and positive influences NASCAR has ever seen!

  4. Little E~Big M fan says:

    Ditto to what Hammer and Shy said.
    Dr…good weekend recap.

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