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Drugs in Racing…..

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May 2009
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OK I really don’t want to go there but….. Drug Testing in NASCAR…..the what, where, who, why, and how’s, of how the dr sees the issues today.

GERMY” Mayfield….. “I am gonna sue!!!!” these rants hasn’t worked for him as yet, so why keep trying? The way I see it is, “If” he failed the test, as claimed then tell what he failed it on, then move on, it will be over, but then the speculation wouldn’t fuel the media machine that Brian France loves to watch. ( “Bad press is better than no press” way of thinking) enough on Mayfield.

Why wont NASCAR release the list of drugs or substances they test drivers for?

Among the substances NASCAR crews must be tested for are:
– Seven different amphetamines, including methamphetamine and PMA, a synthetic psychostimulant and hallucinogen.
– Three drugs classified under ephedrine.
– 13 different narcotics, including codeine and morphine.
– Ten different benzodiazepines and barbituates.
– Marijuana, cocaine, zolpidem, nitrites, chromates and drugs that can increase specific gravity.
(the crews include – pit crew members, including “over-the-wall” crew members, the crew chief, car chief, team members responsible for tires, fuel and pit crew operation, spotters and race-day support personnel that includes engineers, engine tuners, shock specialists, chassis specialists and tire specialists). No such list exists for the drivers
(From Notice that it says “crews” not drivers. Wonder why the “stars” of the sport don’t have their very own little list? Could it be more of the We write the rules as we go so shut up” mentality? Could it be that they are trying to stack the deck in their favor for future actions? They do have a mean legal team, you don’t believe it? Read a copy of the NASCAR rule book…. then you will see.

Jeff Gordon and his back…….I gotta know…… if the facet thing is a series of steroid shots, and steroids are listed on the drug list , wont this make jeffy fail a drug test? NASCAR’s policy has been zero tolerance, now Jeff has come right out and said that this was a facet blocking procedure (In a facet block procedure, a physician uses fluoroscopy (live x-ray) to guide the needle into the facet joint capsule to inject lidocaine (a numbing agent) and/or a steroid (an anti-inflammatory medication). If the patient’s pain goes away after the injection, it can be inferred that the pain generator is the specific facet joint capsule that has just been injected. (from if you doubt me look it up what they do….but since this is NASCAR they refuse to release a list of drugs they test for and what the actions will be if a drug on the list is found in your system, so like everything else NASCAR writes the rules as they go……cant say they dont follow the rules if you never know what the rules are. (NASCAR rule book written by lawyers, for lawyers, not for racing…….)

Think about this, NASCAR has said “no matter who it is a positive drug test will result in suspension” now I am not a “medical Doctor” but I think that some drugs stay in your system for a period of time, and if Gordon had this done earlier this week and he has to “aim for the bottle” this weekend, wouldn’t he be the proud owner of a positive test? But then here again, NASCAR has stated that each case will be reviewed on a case by case basis, now what are Mayfields chances of getting the same treatment in a “case by case “review?

Now don’t take this wrong, I feel that drug testing is a good idea, and I agree with the suspensions, but it is the “how it’s done” thing that bothers me, and the fact that there is not a published list of the drugs “drivers” will be tested for. I am sorry but that reeks, it reeks bad, and if it walks like a duck, and talks like a duck…… well you get the picture.

Here is the dr’s solution to the whole ordeal……. first release the list of drugs that the drivers are being tested for. Second, put a gag order in place for 45 days on both parties driver and NASCAR. Third, use one of the 5 minute test at the track, and test every driver there, if the “quick test” gives a positive hit, then have then submit to the more through test, and go from there.

And finally make it a true zero policy, regardless of names. With all the facts out in the open it can’t be said there are back room deals going on. To date there have been 7 drivers suspended by NASCAR for drug issues they are

Drivers Suspended:
Jeremy Mayfield, 5/9/2009, Sprint Cup
Aaron Fike, 7/11/2007, Truck Series
Tyler Walker, 5/18/2007, supposedly has been reinstated, Truck Series
Kevin Grubb, twice 3/2004 and 9/11/2006 when refused to take a test (died 5/6/2009), Nationwide Series
Shane Hmiel, three times, last for life, 9/18/2003, 5/2005 and 2/2006, Nationwide Series
Brian Rose, 3/2003, Truck Series
Sammy Potashnick, 2/2002, Nationwide/Truck Series

Now enough of this Jeremy Mayfield stuff, seems pretty bad when the only press your getting is bad press. “Stick a fork in him he is done.”

Now its time to get ready for the longest race of the year! The World 600!

C-ya at the races.

the dr.



  1. GJJ says:

    Good artical.

  2. Jack says:

    Another good job by the dr. Nascar is like the real world, we have the haves and the have nots. In the real world, if you have the connections or the money, you roll to a different set of rules and in Nascar it seems as if they have a set of rules that only the head honchos of Nascar are aware of.

  3. Red Zone says:

    Jeremy’s main thing is that he says it was a prescription med combined with Claritin. Cocaine is a schedule narctotic. I’m not implying that he took coke. I say that to say that Jeff could easily test positive for steroids since he’s getting that for his back pain. I’m surprised that someone in the media hasn’t asked Jeff if his number has come on on the drug test since he’s been taking his meds for his back. Have they not thought of asking the question or do they not want to rock the boat?

  4. SLY 1 says:

    Well I think Mayfield don’t know enough to keep his damn mouth shut – christ he got kicked out of 2 teams,,now this === come on,the fruit is on some stuff we ain’t gonna hear about,,as for Mr Gordon,I’am pretty damn sure he already talked to the Nascar Medic’s and to France ass,he’s to smart to go doing anything stupid,without checking first…
    Anyway enough with this story,,it’s like beating a dead horse.

  5. Little E~Big M fan says:

    well said Jack…..totaly agree.
    Also agree with Sly about Jeffy…he is too smart to not check things out….and too smart to take recreational drugs period.

  6. Shynloco says:

    Good post dr. Now I’m not here to defend NASCAR or certainly not Jeremy Mayfield. But a distinction needs to be made about people who test postive for “drugs” and people who submit a list of “prescribed medications” they are taking to NASCAR that might show up in any screening process. Another distinction is that screening processes do not screen for just any drugs in general. In other words, there have to be very specific drugs that are designated in a screening process…ie. opiates, barbituates, steroids, amphetamines, etc. And even these stay in the system for a variation of times. My guess is that NASCAR won’t release a list of the drugs they screen for to specifically keep drivers off ANY performance enhancing or performance influencing drugs. Hence if drivers are taking medications, simply tell NASCAR and you won’t get caught cold. I’m willing to bet Jeremy Mayfield didn’t tell NASCAR because they were “under the table drugs”. You don’t suppose he took a recreational drugs like “speed” to help him qualify do ya?

  7. FLETCH346 says:

    There are different kinds of steroidsand NOT all of them are performance enhancing.
    My 10 year old son just finished taking
    ‘steroids’ for poison ivy. I’m pretty danged sure that he wouldn’t test positive.
    If Jeff Gordon were tested today he would NOT test positive for performance enhancing steroids.
    dr. you usually do your homework before writing your BLOGS but this time you didn’t.

    • drflavio309 says:

      i was not saying jeff was dirty nor did i imply that i was using him as an example of how nascar does its testing… not once did i say jeff was dirty … you must of read that with a chip on your shoulder. it was used in compairison, not as an accusation. and how do we know what drugs are listed on nascars list of banned substances? we dont because they will not reveal what they are. I was simply using his surgery as and example of how nascar is doing its testing … I am surprised .. but yes i did do my homework….thanks
      the dr.

  8. nikko says:

    Give that Mayfield a DUI. A simple solution to this would be to implement an onsite drug testing policy before each race. Several companies have oral fluid devices that can detect up to 7 drugs in a matter or minutes. The first one that comes to my mind is Branan Medical, If every one of these driers submitted to a quick swab of the mouth, well then we wouldn’t have an issue now would we. Got to use our heads and of course always be safe.

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