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Carl Long.. cheater???

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May 2009
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Ok I have had enough time to mellow out… after I heard what NASCAR has done to Carl long, what was they thinking? I can tell you … NASCAR wanted to send a message and they see Carl long and his operation as expendable,they can hammer him with record fines and penalties and they don’t loose any big names, and they get to show the world they treat everyone the same. HORSEFEATHERS!!!!!!

the man’s engine was .170 cubic inches too big….that is POINT 170. NASCAR has a legal limit on C.I.D. It is 358 Cubic inches, now this “cheater had a big engine, it was 358.170 cubic inches…lets break this down.

A NASCAR engine has 700hp (yeah that is a little under what is believed to be the real hp numbers but anyway) that is 1.955 hp per cubic inch, now if we figure out Carl longs engine he has 1.954 hp per cubic inch.,……wow what a gain .Richard Petty was once caught with an over-sized engine – after winning a race. Petty was fined (not nearly as severely as Long’s crew chief) but he wasn’t suspended. NASCAR even allowed him to keep the win!

And what about Chad Knaus, Jimmie Johnson’s crew chief and a repeat offender who – when not on repeated probation for cheating – guided Johnson to three straight championships? Knaus got a wrist slap, Johnson and Hendrick got three championships. And this is fair? I mean poor Carl long couldn’t win a race if he had 2 illegal engines, but the real kicker is it was not even a points race!!!!!! so why the points fine?

Just another example of the favoritism that is growing in NASCAR, you want to get thing right, try giving Long a few extra cubic inches to help him along….don’t kill the dreams and career of a driver who is just trying to race. I mean Carl Long was just hanging on by his fingernails and now NASCAR has given him a manicure that will be to death toll to his team and his racing career.

So in closing I have this to say to NASCAR, thanks you are killing the very teams that made nascar what it is today. The little guy who everyone likes to see.

Kasey Kahne will run the new Dodge motor at Dover, this should be interesting……

C-ya at the races……….

the dr.



  1. Tommy Wahoo says:

    dr., good blog. It’s my opinion that NASCAR is leaning heavily toward the “snobish” side, and they view people like Carl Long as an embarrassment to their sport. Well, who’s going to have the bare ass(caught with their pants down) when nobody shows up to the races or watches on TV anymore?

  2. Jack says:

    Looks like another case of Nascar shooting itself in the foot. They seem to forget that some of the big names in Nascar started out on a shoestring. Yesterday, I was reading the article about how Hendricks was close to folding up 25 years ago as an upstart in Nascar. Would Hendricks be around today if he was slammed unnfairly as Carl Long has been ?

  3. Dale says:

    Racing is a tough sport. A good many years ago, a man told me if you can’t stand the way things go around here, maybe it’s time to find a new sport. Guess what, We’re still here. On a shoe string, maybe. But I’ll never give up on my boy! I watched the movie ‘3’ last night and it gave me just a little more hope! Dreams do come true and there are still some good true american stories left. I promise.

  4. Little E~Big M fan says:

    I had not heard about Carl Long until this humungous fine became news……but it disgusts me…..The engine variance hardly qualifies (to me) as a cheating advantage…..a small slap on the wrist is ok to show respect for the Nascar rules…like a small fine of $10,000….but $200,000 plus the suspensions is cruelly excessive.
    I agree with the blog and the comments before mine….as I said, I did not know Carl Long…but I do know we still need the little guys in racing……because hopefully they will become the big guys in future.

  5. Mike says:

    I have to say I disagree. NASCAR has stiffened its penalties recently, and has been making an example of everyone, not just Carl Long. That said, I think their penatly was excessive. But, they had to do their best to be objective and consistent. If they weren’t then a large team might do the same thing, arguing that Long only go a slap on the wrist, and that they should receive the same.

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