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May 2009
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Rain sucks!!!!!! First let me say this, I work 3rd shift, I go in at 7 pm and work til the wee hours of the morning,this being Memorial Day weekend, I managed to get the night of the 600 off, I was going to get to watch a race!!!!then rain…….. and more rain, Sunday morning rain at my house, rain at the race track, my power was out for 5 hours Sunday morning, well i get to watch part of it, the part that wasn’t spent on pit road….. I really don’t know what to say….. I was not happy with a shortened race, especially the 600, but I can see why they did. But I still don’t like it….

Now on to the race, the caution and bringing the cars to a stop for a moment of silence was one of the most touching things I have seen in a long time, looks like NASCAR took a few lessons from some dirt tracks, in the tributes they do. But either way, good job NASCAR a tip of the hat to you for that one, but man we got to do something about these rain things…….

I want to really tip my hat to Ruiteman for being there at the right time, and for not running to the motor home during the rain delay, I really liked that, and what he said,”“I just knew leaning on the car was working,” he said following his first Sprint Cup victory in 75 races. “So I figured I shouldn’t change up my system any. If a tornado, hurricane comes, doesn’t matter, lightning, I’m staying right where I am ‘til the bitter end or ‘til we go back green again. I wasn’t going to move.” “

So to the newest first time winner Good job, now, when you gonna win another one?

And one more note I want to bring to your attention, the 21 of Bill Elliott making his 800th start in NASCAR came home 15th. The top 5 in points didn’t change.

But the last spot did, get this it is Carl Long listed in 69th, -200 points, and he is 1922 behind the leader who has 1722 points…he is 200 in the hole! Yeah NASCAR way to go, you really showed that “cheater” ..

Oh yeah I busted :Larry Mac…. he kept saying that Carl Long was seven thousands to big, that is wrong…… he was .171of a cubic inch big…

Will some one tell Larry Mac to read the dr’s blog?

Have a good week and we will C-ya at the races.

The dr.


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  1. FLETCH346 says:

    Im gonna make it a point to stop getting all jacked up for the big races.. Seems like everyone tirns out crappy.
    Long race weekend & spent twice as much on beer than I planned!

    On one hand I can understand them calling the race when they did but… on the other hand, the race was to start the previous day just an hour before they actually called it quits the second day…which didn’t make much sense to me since they had daylight, lights and time. Kudos to Reutti!!

    Thank God I didn’t buy tickets or make plans to attend …

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