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May 2009
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I had planned to not go back to this topic but after reading some new revelations I have to. An Mayfield may have a point. It was revealed in court that he admits taking Adderall, which is what they give kids for A.D.D. (attention deficent disorder) and it is also given to adults, now that in its self is an amphetamine if he has a Dr’s script for it, what is the issue? I mean I am not a Jeremy Mayfield fan by no means, but if he is right then he is right regardless. Here is a copy of the “oh so secret NASCAR drug policy” NASCAR Drug Policy 2009

I really hate to say this but NASCAR may have shot themselves in the foot.I guess we will see as the rest of the process unfolds.

On a more happy note, did you see who had all 4 cars in the top 10 in Qualifying? Thats right RPM, with the 9 of Kahne on the front row just a half of a tick of the stopwatch off the pole, set by Rutieman. The 43 car is 4th, the dinger driven 44 car is 7th and even Elliott Sadler managed to find the top 10 by rolling in in 10th. Now that is a turn around! How bout that new Dodge engine in the 9 car? Wait til race time, I think he is being coy……

I find it ironic that now that they have made changes at the 88 car, have you seen all the personnel working on it? Why didn’t they do that with Eury Jr when he started having problems? Why wait til now? Is that saying that it wasn’t in the cards to start with for Eury Jr? Was he working against a stacked deck? I don’t know you tell me…. it just seems funny that now all of the suden all this help is suddenly available to Lance Mcgrew but it wasn’t to Tony Eury Jr? Why not? But yeah tell me again how Eury Jr got a fair shake……….yeah Jr goes off in 22nd spot.. wow…..

Man Poor Jeff Gordon nailed the wall, in qualifying, so he will start at the back…….in a back up car….

Hornish out qualifyed both his team mates at Penske racing….coming in 12th.

And you got to ring the bell for Juan Pablo Montoya he was smoking running 3rd, will he hang during the race? I think he will, right behind the 9 car.

Well thats my thought for this week..

C-ya at the races!!!

the dr.



  1. Jack says:

    Logano qualified ahead of Jr. Just saying.
    If last weeks mess was any indication, I think you are spot on with what you say about Kahne and Montoya.

  2. FLETCH346 says:

    As far as Mayfield goes.. If I had a problem like ADD (Hell, for all I know I might have it) but I wouldn’t want it broadcast to the public. Hence, Dr. / Patient Confidentiality… Like the dr. says.. If he has a script for it from a Dr. then NASCAR can say nothing. And, if Mayfield didn’t want to immediately go public with a medical problem like ADD then I totally understand that as well.. Now, Kyle Busch will probably make fun of him !! LOL

    dr., you called the Kahne deal and the new engine.. I had him picked on my Yahoo League when Thursday rolled around..So, I got 5 points for him qualifying 2nd.

    As far as Gordon is concerned.. Dover is run track that I’d rather not start at the rear.. Latarte is going to have to pull an air filter out of his hat to get him near the front with pit strategy…

    The Jr. & Jr. Deal… Seems to me that Eury had anything and everything at his disposal… but… he either chose not to take advantage of it.. or.. had not clue on how to use what was available.. Either way.. Jr. still has a hard road to HOE…

  3. jbcom says:

    Great read Dr. Looks like I picked Kahne a week early. Those dodges are looking good this week! Hey Fletch…stay undiagnosed and off meds. You are way too much fun the way you are!

  4. Shynloco says:

    I agree in principle with what the dr says, BUT there remains some questions that remain unanswered. That is even if Mayfield was taking “prescribed medicine” for a legitimate disorder, did he tell NASCAR that he was taking it? The second issue is the statement by NASCAR’s “expert” physician that the condition and subsequent blood test Mayfield claims could not have produced the blood test results it did. My point…SOMEBODY is lieing or is flat wrong. It would be nice for all the other drivers in NASCAR to get to the truth, because I wouldn’t believe anything Mayfield said given his past and the “nice guy” we all know he is.

  5. Little E~Big M fan says:

    Some good points made dr
    The Mayfield drug thing….even if the drug for adult ADD is legit…..I question someone like that and needing that, being in the cup level at all, never mind Nascar’s drug policy….I do admit that I know very little ADD & Adderall….and it is very hard to be supportive of JM regardless.

    As for Eury Jr…..I really do not see any intended hidden agenda RE: all the help McGrew is getting…..I tend to agree with what Fletch said…I think “all this help now” is because they have a short time to fix a major performance & handling problems and get Jr into the Chase….they also have a very stubborn driver who is used to bossing his CC around…..and he needs to adjust to a different communication style…if JJ or Jeffy were in this mess I am sure they would get the same support…….I think Mr H is handling a complicated situation in the best way.

    • drflavio309 says:

      two things, first ADD is a perfectly treatable disorder with the proper med’s, which adderall is, I know it is what the the dr prescribed for my daughter, but it by itself will cause a positive results. so as hbad as i dislike mayfield i am going to wait til more facts come out on this one….
      second point, your saaying the same thing that rick hendricks did,….. do you think that dale didn’t need all this help before? why all of the sudden now do they decide to bring in the troops? after eury jr is gone? to me sounds like a “well lets wait for him to fail then we will go in and clean this up…” type deal.jr nation and rick hendricks makes it sound like “oh now we have a problem lets get it fixed” why didn’t they do this a month ago? when eury was still cc?
      the dr.

  6. FLETCH346 says:

    I promise not to start any meds!!!!! I’m completely happy just the way I am!!!
    Ummm, now.. What were we talking about again? LOL

  7. Shynloco says:

    What do you mean you ain’t startin meds Fletch, You need all the help you can get! LOLOLOL And I don’t mean the Viagra!

  8. Little E~Big M fan says:

    I think Mr H brought in all that help because of the time crunch….and even Jr has said that he and Eury Jr just don’t work anymore….people work differently with different people and what chances of success would there be if they kept Eury in the mix?….and how would Eury Jr feel working with his replacements…er…helpers?
    He would still get the blame in this scenario…so taking him right out of the equation and giving him other opportunities in the same organization makes perfect sense.
    DW was saying today that Eury is going to be crewing some testing for HMS on all the cars including Jimmies…..I see this as a win~win all the way around……Eury can get up to speed on the COT and maybe get back into the CC game with more knowledge and better skills.

  9. FLETCH346 says:

    Well, I think all the help at HMS was at Eury’s disposal but he just chose not to take advantage of it..

    Jr. 12th.. where did Kahne and Gordon finish?? Hmmmmmm

    • drflavio309 says:

      the 9 ca finished in 6th…gordon was 24th or somthing…and on the eury thing, are you really saying that hms waited to help? man fletch your starting to sound like some of the jr nations pundits……eury got screwed pure and simple, and i dont even like HMS, jr is not my driver, i just call it like i see it…..
      the dr.

  10. justin gruber says:

    Give that Mayfield a DUI. A simple solution to this would be to implement an onsite drug testing policy before each race. Several companies have oral fluid devices that can detect up to 7 drugs in a matter or minutes. The first one that comes to my mind is Branan Medical, If every one of these driers submitted to a quick swab of the mouth, well then we wouldn’t have an issue now would we. Got to use our heads and of course always be safe.

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