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June 2009
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Total lack of respect…..That is the only way I can describe the little tirade that Kyle Busch pulled in victory lane tonight at Nashville Speedway.

One of the most coveted trophies in NASCAR is the Sam Bass designed Gibson Les Paul Trophy Guitar that each driver receives in Victory Lane at Nashville Superspeedway!   The Toyota Tundra 200 Trophy Guitar will be a prized possession for the winner of the Toyota Tundra 200 NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series race scheduled for Saturday afternoon, August 12.   Tickets are on sale now by calling toll-free 1-866 RACE TIX.

Each guitar is specifically designed by Official NASCAR Artist Sam Bass.

Sam Bass is one of the most accomplished artists in the history of American motorsports.  His penchant for combining the riveting aspects of fine art and innovative graphic design have made Bass – the first artist officially licensed by NASCAR – a favorite with fans and competitors alike.

Have you ever seen one of these things?

A picture of it can be seen here….

And for Busch to do his best rock star impression and run around like a idiot then smash the trophy not just once but 3 times into the ground then throw it down like a piece of trash, he did pick it up and toss it to his crew, his comment about “now everyone gets a piece of it” was crap pure crap!

And yeah the little punk won the race……… now I am going to go chop some wood.

C-ya @ races.

The dr.



  1. Shynloco says:

    To be honest, I have grown tired of the Kye Busch show week after week in the Nationwide series. And after read the dr’s comments, I’m glad I flipped the channel as soon as he crossed the finish line. I’ve said many times Kyle Busch is a very very good driver, but his out of car antics have gotten so old. I also have come to the conclusion he only runs in the Nationwide series so he can run up his wins on lesser talented drivers. He’s like a college players playing against high school kids which speaks to his WEAK character as a person, who only feeds his own ego by winning consistently where others cannot. Kyle Busch may win on the track alot, but he’s a real looser where it really counts in the real world.

  2. noydbyj says:

    No endorsement expressed or implied, but Sam Bass at least said it was cool.

    One onlooker who applauded the theatrics was Sam Bass, the artist who paints Nashville’s trophy guitars.

    “I’ll be honest with you, I was stunned when it happened,” Bass said. “But when I went to Victory Lane to take a picture with Kyle, he said there was no disrespect to me, the speedway or the sponsors. He just said he was going to give each one of his guys a piece of the trophy. In the spirit of rock and roll and, as someone who appreciates rock and roll, he put on a show.”

  3. Little E~Big M fan says:

    I was shocked when I saw that….I heard him say on his radio that everyone was getting a piece of the trophy, but had no idea that he was going to do it that way.
    I cannot believe the massive disrespect shown. Odering replicas or clone guitars would have been the best way to “share” the trophy.
    It is very easy and phony to do something horrible, then say you didn’t mean any disrespect etc.
    Dr thanks for letting us vent on this.
    And SHY your last sentence in your comment sums it up perfectly.

  4. Red Zone says:

    Dr. I totally agree. In fact I was thinking of writing something about it on FN, but you beat me to it. I thought the same thing – disrespect. What if he wins Daytona or Indy, would he trash the trophy from those races? Would he throw the brick through his windshield if he wins the Brickyard? Just when Kyle begins to show some progress in his respect for other competitors and the way he approaches things, he takes a couple of steps backward and does something like he did at Nashville.

  5. FLETCH346 says:

    I was appalled when he smashed the much so that I automatically jumped up from the couch & started loudly voicing my disbelief, bringing the fiance running from another part of the house wondering what had me so agitated.
    Disrespect was the first thing that came to my mind & I immediately e-mailed SLY to have him post my comment in the locker room (internet is out due to me mowing over a loose cable outside…can access the dr.’s blog from my phone tho). I mean, how much work must Bass put into something like this?? Of course Bass is going to take the high road on BabyJackass’ antics but any artist that watched one of his prized works get slammed to the ground multiple times has to have felt hurt & disrespected. It’s the same thing if Baby JA wouldve taken one of Bass’ prized paintings & ruined it right before his eyes…
    Baby JA has sunk to an all-time low in my book!

  6. Little E~Big M fan says:

    RZ….was just reading your comments….I said almost the same thing on Kodiaks’ blog….except for the brick part…..he would probably throw that at Jr’s windshield LOL
    (not really funny but)

  7. twistedkylefan says:

    To all of you that write blogs put up post’s or just talk about our driver.We at the KYLE BUSCH REVOLUTION want to thank you for helping us make our driver the most talked about driver in motor sports today. If you keep up the great work we can make it the most talked about driver in history.We at the REVOLUTION would like to thank you for not bloging posting or even talking about the driver you pull for it helps us prove to NASCAR that Kyle is the most populer driver. Thank you once agine THE KYLE BUSCH REVOLUTION

    • Red Zone says:

      He’s the most talked about because he seems to be one of the few that throws tradition out the window. The only person he respects is himself and his momma. Maybe not even his momma on some days. He is so hung up on his own ego he can’t see straight. One of these days your revoultion will turn into a revelation when he gets his clocked cleaned. And no, I’m not hoping he gets hurt…just hoping he finally realizes what a jerk he’s been and actually take steps to correct it. Maybe we should all pitch in and get him the first two seasons of “My Name Is Earl” so he can see and appreciate how that karma thing works.

  8. FLETCH346 says:

    Twisted, I bet bet you can’t even see, unless your fly is open, when you put on your pants..due to the fact of the location of your head.
    Just because Baby Jackass is the most talked about doesn’t mean he’s the most popular there genius. Since when does negative coverage & publicity equal ‘most popular’? In your ‘Twisted’ world, it might…but not in reality.
    I will bet a month’s paycheck that @ least 3 drivers will finish ahead of Baby JA in any ‘Most Popular’ vote.. Jr., Jimmie J & Kasey Kahne…& i’d be willing to even throw Edwards in for good measure.
    Your ‘Revolution’ isn’t nearly as big as you think it is, im sure.

  9. SLY 1 says:

    Twisted puke,there is NO SUCH THING as the Busch Revolution..anywhere in any sport let alone Nascar.
    You POOR demented mind ( that of a 12 yr old )does not
    understand what any of us are talking about,(disrespect)
    As per your remarks – well we could use the for toliet
    paper,as far as being popular KY will not crack the top 10,
    Wheather you know it or not, people louth the skinny freak,
    along with people like you.Good driver yes = a person ==no way..his SLY rank is -0- x100.

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