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June 2009
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Fans……. yep that’s what we are, fans. Fans of a sport that we all identify with on some fashion. We all have our favorite drivers then our next to fav’s and so on…. but what makes a fan? How does a fan pick his driver? Well lets look at this a little more in depth.

Take me, the dr, for example, my favorite drivers since I was a little kid, have been drivers who have done amazing things but yet stayed under the radar, long ago (and I mean LONG ago) I had a favorite driver named Jody Ridley, a local driver who dominated the local tracks for years with his brother Biddle as his crew chief, then as I got older I still followed Jody and watched as his career took off when he won the NASCAR rookie of the year honors in 1980, Jody got tired of the grind and moved back to running local tracks until Bill Elliott got hurt and called on his hero to come fill in for him.

I have found that the drivers i tend to lean toward are clean drivers who “walk softly and carry a big stick” type and don’t seem to be embroiled in controversy.

I know each of us are passionate about our drivers win lose or draw, and that is what makes NASCAR fans different from all the rest, the “real NASCAR Fan’s” just want good racing, they understand that you really can’t win them all. And as long as it is a good race we are happy. But if you want to really tick a NASCAR fan off…. talk trash about his driver. NASCAR fans are unique, in a very special way, we love our racing!

C-ya at the races!

The dr.



  1. Little E~Big M fan says:

    Dr…you pretty much described us fans like we truly are… thing about fans though, is that some of our fav drivers make no sense…..using my undying loyalty to Mikey as an example….he has not won in years, but I simply cannot abandon him…..thank gawd he is progressing as a small team owner.

    • drflavio309 says:

      Little e it is your undying loyality that makes you a true fan! your passion for a driver your love of the sport and your thirst for knowledge of the sport is what being a fan is all about!
      the dr.

  2. Jack says:

    I feel your pain, Little E. I happen to like a driver that many people don’t seem to like. I can say that I am not a bandwagon jumper as he has been my guy since he was struggling with his previous team. I think I take the digs in stride as you seem to take the shots against Mikey. LOL
    dr. you seem to make a good story out of just about any topic, that’s the sign of a clever mind.

  3. Red Zone says:

    When I was a kid I liked A. J. Foyt. I think mainly because he was the man back in the ’70’s. For Nascar, the first driver I pulled for was Cale Yarborough. He drove the 28 Hardee’s car and I worked for Hardee’s at the time. The next guy I pulled for was Harry Gant. I remember when he won like 4 straight races in his Oldsmobile. That actually influenced me to buy an Olds Cutlass Supreme. Wow…the win on Sunday, buy on Monday theme really worked. I’ve been pulling for Jeff Gordon since he was driving the Carolina Ford Dealers T’bird and Baby Ruth car in the Busch Series. Yeah…loyalty does mean something more to Nascar fans than fans of other sports. The exception may be Pittsburgh Steeler fans of the NFl or even the Chicago Cubs, Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees of MLB.

  4. FLETCH346 says:

    lil E, you just like Mikey’s hair & hands! LOL
    I’ve shared my Jeff Gordon story more often than I care to remember. But, back when I was a kid, about my son’s age & younger, I remember going to Martinsville Speedway & cheering for who my Dad cheered for, King Richard. I guess you can say that I was just jumping on my Dad’s Bandwagon, just like my son has done with me & my fave, Jeff Gordon.

  5. Little E~Big M fan says:

    LOL @ Fletch……yeah I do (re Mikey)
    Fletch…how do you know that Fletch Jr wouldn’t have picked Gordon on his own……seems like a smart little guy you got there.

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