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Who is going where???

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June 2009
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Who is going where????

Seems these days it is all about who is going where….. Martin Truex is rumored to be headed to MWR, Red Bull is headed to Chevy, G.E.M. Is talking to Toyota and Ford, sponsors moving around, owners joining together, man it is like a crap shoot these days.

I just read an interesting article on (see link for full story. saying that long time NASCAR supporter has taken over the topspot at chrysler, his name is Mike Accavitti, will his new job bode well for Dodge teams? Well RPM has laid off 9 people, and Richard Petty has said that Dodge is a real slow pay on sponsorship money, so will things change with the sale of Chrysler to Fiat? Well Roger “the Capt” Penske said he is staying with dodge, and he was the first to run the new Dodge motor, could Penske be the new face of Dodge in NASCAR? How will him buying the Saturn line from GM factor into this deal? Truth of the matter is no one knows for sure, and with the uncertianity of how things are going to turn out I am not sure I would be hitching my wagon to any make right now.

On another note…… what is with all these back up cars this year? Matt Kennseth won Daytona with a back up,Gordon has run very well with a back up, Jimmie Johnson has won with one, so has Tony Stewart, and last week end even the dirt racing series got in on the back up craze as Brad Neat pulled a back up off the trailer and marched to the front

After damaging his primary car last weekend at Eldora Speedway Brad Neat of Dunnville, KY climbed into 4-time and defending series champion Earl Pearson Jr.’s back-up MasterSbilt Chassis that “The Hurricane” drove last year to the championship. Neat led every lap of the 35-lap Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series event at Duck River Speedway on Thursday Night as the 2009 Summer Sizzler Tour kicked off

The work that goes into having a race ready backup is unreal, it is setting up 2 cars to win the race. Lots of work and labor goes into these things and no one but the driver ever gets credit, so to the crews and teams that get these cars ready week after week, DAMN GOOD JOB!!!!!!!

Robby Gordon NASCAR’s most penalized driver, has run afoul of SCORE with his win in the Baja 500, they have listed a whole list of things that they say he done, but true to Robbie’s nature he has answered with a rebuttal, now who do you believe? …..well I tend to lean toward Robbie on this one……but we will see how the appeals process goes, and knowing SCORE and the way they have done things in the past…….. ummmm not real sure…

NASCAR has hit Rusty Wallace Racing crew chief Bryan Berry with a fine and suspension, NASCAR officials called it “an inappropriate comment” by Nationwide crew chief Bryan Berry in an altercation with driver Marc Davis suspended Berry indefinitely.
Berry, who works for Rusty Wallace and Brendan Gaughan, was upset with Davis after a pit road collision and apparently used a racial slur in their confrontation. Now Marc Davis (who happens to be black) turned in front of Brandon Gaughan on his way to the garage, while Gaughan was trying to make a pit stop, now Davis has made some waves the past year trying to get a ride and get into NASCAR’s top 2 classes.

Well we got a Red Bull car on the pole, the race track is fast…very fast and sunday will see a great race I think.


the dr.



  1. FLETCH346 says:

    dr., last year I commented time and time again about how cars who had to replace engines and move to the back were the ones who usually were running up front at the end of the day. It happens all the time, which makes me wonder if having a ‘fresh car’ is the way to go…

    Berry, Gaughan’s CC should have never been anywhere near Davis’ garage stall. He put himself in the position he did by merely going over there…
    What Davis did was a Rookie Mistake but, Gaughan, supposedly a veteran, knew his pit stall was near the Garage Entrance.. So, IMO, he should have been ready for an incident like this and each driver’s spotter should have been been a little more on the ball as well…

  2. Little E~Big M fan says:

    I agree with Fletch’s thinking about the more experienced driver, the pit location and the spotter.
    I hope Truex stays with Chevy and preferably a Hendriks related team….might just be wishful thinking at this point, but what the hey.
    I hope Redbull goes to Chevy…GM is down but not out yet.
    Penske buying Saturn should have no impact on Nascar….at least not at this point.
    Been hearing a lot about this “innapropriate comment” thing…If he did in fact make a racial slur, then he deserves all that he gets in fines and suspensions etc. The thing that bothers me about that is that anyone can say that someone else made a slur and they are yanked out before anything is proven. The snitch factor bothers me. If the recipient complained that is a whole different thing.
    As for Robby Gordon….I admire him for doing it “his way” and still hanging in there is this economy, but he constantly pushes buttons/rules…he seems to like the negative drama.

  3. Little E~Big M fan says:

    One more thing….drivers having to go to back up cars impacts my picks….which is really stupid on my part since they continually prove that the B-U car is just as good.I am not going to pay any attention to that anymore LOL

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